Deep and Wide

April 29, 2011

Outfit #25. I went to work at Cook, so I pretended to be Professional. (Apparently I think being professional means wearing a short skirt.)

After work I stopped by to see my friendsies Kim and Bekah, and Kim was sweet enough to take my pictures for me. She made me pose on a slide. She was expressing her Artistic Potential as a photographer.

Then I decided to take a picture with a pack of cute, noisy dogs who were roaming around the neighborhood.

And one tiny puppy.

Skirt and sweater: Gap. Shoes: Steve Madden. Shirt: Forever 21. Belt and bracelet: Target.

So, like I said, I went in to do some work at David C Cook yesterday. I’m in the process of writing two years worth of preteen lessons for their new Rio curriculum. (Rio means “river” in Spanish, and our curriculum hopes to be deep and wide. It is clever, you guys.) It was great to see my old coworkers and to catch up with everyone. And it was really encouraging to hear some of the reports from the churches that are using our lessons. Our goal with this curriculum is to stay God-centered at all times and draw kids into deeper relationship with Jesus. Every lesson focuses on God’s character. For example, instead of focusing on David’s courage against the giant, we focus on what the Lord was doing through David’s situation, and what this event teaches us about who God is. We try to help the kids go deeper by asking thoughtful questions and creating a flow in the lessons that leaves freedom for the Holy Spirit to lead the kids in truth.

I didn’t know much about Sunday school curriculum before I began this project, but after seeing what’s out there, I really do believe in our product. I think it’s going deeper than a lot of other stuff, and our hope is that God is glorified as these kids better understand His Word and His work. I know I may be biased, but I think it’s good stuff. You should definitely recommend Rio to the children’s directors at your church. Like right now. OK, thanks.

You guys, I’m going to a barn dance tonight! I love barn dances! Kristy and I decided we could cheat just a little bit and get cowboy boots. So expect to see us pretending to be cowgirls in blog posts to come.

Did anyone stay up to watch the royal wedding? What did you think? OK, it’s Friday, which means joyous times! Loves and hugs and joys!

Your friend,

Denise Ruth


One Response to “Deep and Wide”

  1. OK.

    #1. YOU=adorable.

    #2. RIO=awesome.

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