April 27, 2011

Outfit #23. I call it mandarin sorbet. (I just decided to call it that. Just now.)

Sweater and Jeans: Gap. Shirt: Ross. Shoes: Payless. Belt: Target. Necklace: Forever 21. Bracelet: my mom sent it to me yesterday!

I had to write a little journal entry for one of my classes, and I decided to share it here on the bloggy because the Easter service at my church last week was so meaningful to me. So, here ya go.

Like I said, I’ve been attending a liturgical Anglican church for the past few months, and it has been a new experience for me. I’ve enjoyed it in many ways — I like the repetition of the liturgy and learning about its purposes. During Lent, the service changes a bit — it is quieter and we do not say the “alleluias” that normally come at the end of the service. We are preparing for Easter and remembering what Christ did for our sake.

For Lent, I fasted from all drinks except water. Any money I would have spent on other beverages, I’ll donate to Blood:Water Mission, an organization that helps build clean wells in Africa. Fasting, even from something as simple as coffee or pop, can be difficult. But it is only when I fast that I realize how much I take for granted, how I am so used to instant gratification, how I depend on so many other things to get me through the day — other things that are not God. I like the process of Lent because it helps me anticipate when Easter is coming, when the joy of our salvation became full and realized. Every week of church during Lent we miss saying the “alleluias;” they are on the tips of our tongues but we swallow them — reminding ourselves that the day of rejoicing is on its way.

So, finally, this past Sunday was Resurrection Sunday — the atmosphere at church was joyful and excited and giddy. We shouted “alleluias” all over the place—during the liturgy, in our worship songs, randomly throughout the service. We yelled “alleluias” whenever possible because Jesus had risen — He was victorious over sin and death; He swallowed it up, took away its sting, snatched away its victory!

At church last Sunday I felt a part of the community of believers; I was shouting “alleluias” along with my fellow Christians, older and younger, and we were all a part of the same family and we were all joyful about our risen Savior’s work. God’s redeeming character brings people together. It is because of what He did that we were there at church praising Him. It is because He is good and merciful, loving and full of justice, that we came together to worship. Without His sacrifice for us, we would have nothing to celebrate. It is all because of Him.

On Easter Sunday the things I worry about — work, school, self-confidence, the future — seem trivial and foolish. It is God’s character that is worthy of praise. It is He who has taken our burden and set us free so that we can live without the chains of slavery (Galatians 5:1). It is He who shed His blood so that we could experience life with Him. On Easter Sunday, our focus is where it should be. He has defeated death and brought victory so that we can live in His mercy, grace and forgiveness. Alleluia!

Have a good Wednesday, dears!


3 Responses to “Alleluia!”

  1. clarissasparkman said

    Favorite outfit so far 🙂

  2. Beth said

    It snowed on Easter at my church, and it was a lovely reminder that Christ’s sacrifice has washed us white as snow and with His resurrection we are made new!

  3. Becca said

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing about your Easter experience.

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