The Happiest Place on Earth (Take that, Mickey!)

April 26, 2011

Outfit #22.


Dress: Marshalls. Shirt: Target. Shoes: DSW. Necklace: my mom — but she gave it to me as a gift; I did not steal it. Belt: I think I got it approximately 900 years ago at American Eagle.

So, on Friday, my friend Kelsey and I met up in Castle Rock. Castle Rock has an outlet mall, which is really the only reason I ever go there. But not anymore, you guys. First of all, Castle Rock has a darling downtown. It has a main street with cute restaurant and shops, and you feel like you’re in a tiny little town in the 50s. I wished I was wearing a poodle skirt.

Castle Rock also has my new favorite store ever. It is called The Barn. It’s a large building where vendors bring all of their darling clothes, handmade jewelry, dishes, upcycled furniture, vintage loveliness, lamps, cards, magnets, window panes, kitchen supplies, beads, knobs, old books — anything darling that you can think of is available at The Barn. Anything darling. Kelsey and I thought we were just stopping by to take a quick look and the next thing we knew, it was two hours later. You should go. We went through the place once just to look at everything, and then we took a second swing through to decide what we should get. Kelsey showed extreme self control, but me not so much. I got a footstool for my living room and a chair for my bedroom. See them?

I love the chair. Soon I will show you pics of my “new” pieces integrated into my house, but I am in the process of being a nervous wreck about my room. I got that new bedspread and now that new chair, so I feel the urgent need to change everything. So, when I feel that it is satisfactorily cute, I will post more pictures than you care to see.

OK, G2G. Go visit The Barn. And take me with you. Happy Tuesday!


One Response to “The Happiest Place on Earth (Take that, Mickey!)”

  1. Jenn said

    LOVE the dress outfit.

    And the chair is soooo cute!

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