A Very Lot Many Tons of Pictures

April 25, 2011

Lots of pics today because I was too lazy to blog on Saturday. Days 19, 20 and 21 of the 30-for-30 challenge!

So, here’s Friday’s fit. It was a bit windy out for a shocking change. I was inspired by Kristy’s pearl perfection.

Shirt: Target. Jeans: Express. Shoes: DSW. Jacket: Forever 21. Belt: I don’t remember. Fake pearls: Target.

I didn’t really like Saturday’s outfit, and I almost forgot to take a picture altogether, so here you go.

Sweater: Target. Shirt: Target. Belt: Forever 21. Skirt: Gap. Necklace: stolen.

Yesterday was Easter, you guys! It was cold and rainy here in Colorado, but that did not dampen the celebration. He is risen indeed — alleluia!

Here I am in my springy, Easter colors.

I had been planning to wear this dress with sandals and no sweater, but Colorado thwarted my plans as usual.

Dress: Anne Taylor Loft. Sweater, belt and polka dot tights: Target. Shoes: DSW.

Church was great yesterday. I’m going to an Anglican church and it’s liturgical. During Lent we leave out the “alleluias” that we normally say. But on Resurrection Sunday, they were back and it was so great! Everyone was so joyful and excited, and it was beautiful to remember what Jesus did and how he conquered death. Then I went to my friend Kelsey’s for Easter dinner and it was just lovely. She had a beautiful spread and it was fun to see friends. Thanks, Kels!

You guys, Spiff City is not doing well. The broken hinge is spreading and now he sits all lopsided and falls over a lot. I’m not sure that he can last much longer. So, if you enjoy reading this blog, please buy me a new computer.

OK, tomorrow I will tell you about my new favorite place on earth — it is filled with joy and love and vintage and DIY.

Have a good Monday, friendsies!


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