Freezing and Failing

April 21, 2011

I was freezing  and a bit scowly yesterday morning when we took these pics. Sowwy.

Dress: Marshalls. Shoes: DSW. Tights: Forever 21. Sweater: Target. Mr. Cinch: BFF.

Nothing very exciting happened yesterday. I worked out twice because I am a rockstar. Whatevs. I have a big presentation today, and I feel a bit unprepared, but honestly, I can’t stand to look at my paper anymore. I really can’t. I’d rather fail. (I would get an “A” in drama, though, don’t you think?)

You guys, my house is kind of messy. I don’t like it that way, but also, I am too lazy to clean it. So if you’d like to come do some dishes or mop the floor or just tidy up a bit, it would be greatly appreciated.

Guess what my sweet mom did? She bought me a new pillow to match my new bedspread. I cannot wait for it to get here, because it is so darling. See?

OK, I’ve got to go fail this presentation. I’m not kidding. It’s all about complicated ancient beliefs and gods, and my professor is the smartest man alive, so if he asks me a question, I will just have to stare at him blankly, which will be embarrassing. And I don’t think he’ll care for the excuse that I was busy writing my 30-for-30 blog post…

Hope your day is jovely!


3 Responses to “Freezing and Failing”

  1. Lydia said

    Good Luck on the presentation…maybe your prof will give you fashion points! =)

  2. Ashley said

    You are cute, and so is Mr. Cinch. Also, I will clean your house. It is always more fun to clean someone else’s home. 🙂 Good luck with the presentation!

  3. Jaci said

    Ashley, will you come clean my house too?

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