Pouty and Saucy

April 12, 2011

You guys are mean. I can see that there are lots of people reading this blog, but no one wants to chat in the comments. I even tried to be all controversial by talking about Rob Bell, and no one wanted to talk. Mean! I’m going to go pout.




I can’t stay mad at you guys. Mainly because I’m pretty vain and want to share yesterday’s pics. So, here they are. Please keep in mind that it was windy. Again. And I got to meet the president … again (name that movie!). Also, my hair is so dirty that I think it may be about to disintegrate. Don’t worry, I washed it last night.

Diana thought I should take my senior pictures as well.

I’m all Biz Cas Fri in this jacket, Rondleman. Both the jacket and the shirt are from Forever 21. I couldn’t find them online, but they should still be in stores. Also, let’s not kid. I am not 21, and a lot of the items in that store are a little too teenager-y for me. But if you look carefully, you can find some great pieces. For about a nickel. The shoes are Madden Girl from a couple of years ago. I like a good wedge, you guys. They are cute, but not as uncomfortable as high heels.

Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny and warm, so I decided to spend it in the library for a change.

So, this weekend I saw a recipe for a Thai dish. It looked really good — coconut rice, peppers, garlic, beef, etc. “That sounds delicious,” I said to myself. “I am going to make it. Now I shall go to the store to buy the ingredients.” So I did. And I continued talking to myself, but as you can tell, my internal dialogue was not that riveting. The recipe called for fish sauce, which, umm, I’ve never cooked with, but I’ve eaten a lot of Thai food, so I know I’ve eaten fish sauce before and it hasn’t bothered me. Well, let me tell you. It bothers me when I cook with it. Fish sauce smells like feet and death and destruction. It nearly killed me. And by “nearly killed me” I mean “almost made me not want to eat, but don’t worry, I recovered quickly and have continued to eat non-stop since then.” The food tasted good, but I couldn’t enjoy it because the memory of that irredeemable smell lingered in my olfactory something or other. In conclusion, fish sauce apparently makes your food delicious, but the scent might kill you.

I got this bedspread this weekend. It’s much cuter in person. I’m going gray and yellow. It’s so hot right now.

OK, gotsta go. If you leave a comment, you have the chance to win a new MacBook!*

*”Win a new MacBook” may best be translated as “buy Denise a new MacBook.”


16 Responses to “Pouty and Saucy”

  1. rachel m said

    i really like the bedspread! it looks very spring-y. and your outfit is, again, really cute. i told my friend becky about the 30 day fashion challenge and we both want to try it, but are too scared still. and we also think that we should go shopping and get lots of cute stuff AND THEN do the challenge. which totally defeats the purpose. and i really don’t have any money to go shopping anyway. we’ll see how this all pans out…

  2. denisemorris said

    Rachel, here’s a secret: I did buy a couple of things before the challenge. 🙂

  3. laura said

    Forrest Gump, now give me my macbook.

    Denise, I dreamt that I got a thank you note from an obscure friend that said, “thank you for sending me the Catcher in the Rye,” and in the dream, I was like, I don’t even recall sending that, but you’re very welcome. And then I remembered (in the dream) that I sent her some Catcher in the Rye playing cards (what would these even be like?). Anyway, if you ever need any “Capturer” playing cards, let me know and I will give you a good deal.

    And, I like your fashion blog. I am trying to be inspired to do it myself, but seriously, my 30 items would be: 5 jeans, 5 sweatpants, 5 t-shirts, 5 sweatshirts, 5 sweaters, 5 shoes….and the closer we get to summer, the worse it gets! This leaves me two options: 1. Live vicariously through this blog. 2. Start dressing cuter.

  4. Um, I think this is my favorite outfit thus far. Just FYI. 🙂

  5. Lydia said

    Hey Nicey…I love how ambitious you are. You certainly look like you are having a lot of fun with this. I love your blog posts. Your awesome personality shines through them and makes me miss the good old days of way back in the day when we used to send each other cards from fake secret admirers and sing *cough* I mean laugh *cough* through Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston ballads. Man I bet if we published those tracks on you tube the makers of those machines at the Mall’s would be so grateful they invented them! Hahaha
    Keep on keeping on and setting trends for everyone to follow!

  6. denisemorris said

    Laura — we should SO make those playing cards. We can do it here: http://www.monogrammatiks.com/quote/process?pipeCampaign=GCSO&gclid=CJ7emaK-l6gCFQnrKgode2YjDQ. Some can have hunting caps, and the Pencey logo and some wheat/rye and an album. I’m in!

    Ashley — thanks so much! I am loving that shirt.

    Lydia — Oh my. Those songs! I can’t believe we did stuff like that. 🙂 I hope Nor and Nad don’t find out! 😉

  7. Kristy said

    Love the outfit.

    Let’s move to TX and find ourselves some high school football coaches. We can marry the rivals and stir up drama because we’re friends.

    When I move, I’m getting a new bedspread. You should come help me pick it out.

  8. denisemorris said

    Kristy — I am IN. I call East Dillon!

    And yes, I would love to help you pick out a new bedspread. I like shopping for cute things.

  9. Micah said

    You never comment on my blog. Why should I comment on yours? Cute outfit. Even cuter bedspread. Now I want to register at Target just for their linens. Thanks.

  10. denisemorris said

    I do too comment! Also, they have a pillow with a bird on it to go with the bedspread. Micah’s wedding gift: check!

  11. Devon said

    D – you just may be one of my funniest friends (with the dirtiest hair)! Miss you!

  12. Steve said

    It is entirely too late in the evening for me to be writing this so here I go. I have read Rob Bell’s new book and there are so many red herrings and smoke and mirrors that it’s like trying to nail jello to the wall. I watched an interview that was done with Rob Bell on MSNBC (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg-qgmJ7nzA) and the host called his use of scripture “indefensible”. He definitely does his best to play both sides of the issue but clearly says, on several occasions, that God’s love ultimately melts people’s rebellion and wins them over. If that’s not universalism, I don’t know what is.

  13. denisemorris said

    Thanks, Steve! I agree with you — it’s nearly impossible to get Bell to answer a question. It’s frustrating. I have seen that interview too. From what I’ve heard, the guy who interviewed Bell is a Presbyterian and is a Calvinist. Do you think that influences his thoughts on Bell’s book?

  14. Courtney said

    Looking back over the many mah-velous outfits I think this one is my fave!

  15. denisemorris said

    I like that one too, Courtney.

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