Purple Rain

April 8, 2011

This was probably my least favorite outfit so far. I liked the skirt, tights and shoes, but the shirt wasn’t really working for me. And my hair was bothering me. Bleh.

Pretty much everything I wore today is no longer in stores, although the sweater might be. It’s from Target, my happy place.

Besides Kristy and me, my friend Suzanne is also doing this challenge. She’s a new mommy, so she decided to do a post-pregnancy remix. She’s come up with some cute stuff so far — check her out!

So, I’m doing an exegetical paper for Hebrew in which I have to translate a passage and then write a paper on it. I chose Genesis 2:18-25, the creation of woman. God said that it was not good for Adam to be alone, so He would create a suitable helper for him. The word for helper, “ezer,” is used for the woman. That word is only used of God and strong armies elsewhere in the Bible. It is not a “less than” kind of role — it is someone who can come complete the man; she can do the things that he can’t. Together they make a perfect pair. I like it.

Rob Bell is at my school today. He’s a very boring, non-controversial speaker. Not sure if you’ve heard of him. Den Sem is bringing him in to talk about his new book. They’ve made it clear that they’re not promoting his book, but just allowing discussion. One of our theology professors will moderate and ask him questions. I think it’ll be interesting — I’ll let you know if there are any fist fights.

It’s Friday! This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in Him!


9 Responses to “Purple Rain”

  1. Kim Callihan said

    Personally…I like the hair…and purple is my fav…so there ya go! LOVE IT:)

  2. Danielle said

    ow! ow! i like this outfit. all of it. i wish i was doing this challenge, it sounds like fun! i’m so not creative, though. i’ll just stalk you through it all. mmk.

  3. Suzanne said

    And, see, my first thought was “Oooh! So pretty!” I love the color combo! Yummy. Is this what you wore for Rob B.’s lecture?

  4. Ash said

    God would definitely not send you to hell if you were wearing that killer outfit when you died! Purple is a heavenly color.

  5. Kristy said

    I loved the outfit. Also, I LOVE that section of Genesis. So good. And also, Rob Bell. He’s really great at answering questions.

  6. Holly S said

    i have to say this is my FAVORITE outfit so far…even with the shirt! LOVE! and that is exciting about Rob Bell…i’d love to see a fight! 🙂

  7. Love the hair AND the outfit. Purple is you! I am glad your mom wasn’t there to hear Rob Bell, there could have been a fight. Plus, I am sure she wouldn’t look that good in purple either.

  8. clarissasparkman said

    This is my favorite outfit so far! Love all the color 🙂 Where did those shoes come from? so cute!

  9. denisemorris said

    Thanks, guys! I liked the bottom half a lot — I might switch up the top half next time.

    Clair, the shoes are from DSW, but they’re Report brand. I love them because the heels aren’t too high and they’re comfy.

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