Mostly Cloudy

April 7, 2011

It was a gloomy, gray day yesterday. So I dressed accordingly.

Sorry for all the weird smiles and wistful staring. I’m not sure what was going on. I think I may have been wishing for the days of yesteryear when it was sunny and warm. Those days were Tuesday.

In case you care, here’s what I have on that’s still available in a store near you:

Plaid shirt from Target

Gap Jeans (don’t be fooled. I paid $35 for those suckers during a big sale)

Forever 21 necklace and belt

p.s. Forever 21 is definitely the place to get all of your accessories. I always think jewelry, belts and scarves are overpriced, and you can get really fun, trendy stuff at Forever 21 for $2-$6.

This just in: Denver Seminary is once again safe for students, but not so much for geese. Apparently Mr. Crabby Goose was protecting his wife and their nest. But also, apparently, the nest got destroyed. By people. Because of all the attacks. I guess you can’t just move the nest because the geese won’t take care of their babies if they smell humanness around them. So there wasn’t any other option. So now I feel bad for Mr. Killer Goose even though I was angry with him yesterday. Although, let’s not kid: Den Sem does not need one more goose on its campus. There are millions of them. Walking around campus involves the constant challenge of trying to side step thousands of dangerous land mines. Made of goose poop.

Friday Night Lights season 5 has arrived at my house. It is sitting on top of my TV, still in its packaging. I am waiting until Friday to start watching it with Kristy. Self. Control. It’s painful. (Also, I just went to Kristy’s blog to get the link and we blogged about the exact same things. Sadly, our lives are not that interesting. They mostly involve awkward photos, studying and trying to avoid goose poop. The Attack of the Killer Geese has been the most exciting thing going on this week. For both of us.)

It’s my Auntie Faye’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Faisy Daisy!

I must be off, dah-lings, because I have some homeworks. And some works. And some always being behind in my homeworks and works.

Jove to you. May the Lord make the light of His face shine upon you today!


5 Responses to “Mostly Cloudy”

  1. Kristy said

    We really need to get more interesting lives. Or at least pretend to have more interesting lives.

  2. Sarah Parks said

    You’ve inspired me, Denise, to see the potential in my wardrobe and to not be afraid to mix things up, especialy as money is tight for buying new pieces this spring. I never knew there were so many fashion blogs until you pointed me in the right direction.

    I have to admit, though, that I prefer a more “matchy-matchy” approach than many of the blogs embrace, so I’m liking your look today. 🙂

  3. denisemorris said

    Great, Sarah! It is definitely making me look at the clothes I have in a new way! It’s kind of fun. 🙂

  4. Denise, I thought of you yesterday when I tore through my yard chasing the geese like a crazy woman. 🙂 I love your blog!

  5. denisemorris said

    The poor geese, Ashley! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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