Bees, Geese and Scarf Drama

April 6, 2011

So, I call this outfit “Accidental Bumblebee.” I didn’t realize until after I left the house that my color combo was a bit special. Oh well. Also, what do you think of the scarf tucked into the belt? It made me nervous, but I am trying to be brave and bold during this challenge, so I decided to go for it. I’m not sure if it worked. And just so you know, I will probably be wearing this belt pretty much every day. Get used to it.


You guys, it was so nice out yesterday! I ate lunch outside, and then just sat in the sun for a little while, and then tried to think of more excuses to stay outside so that I didn’t have to go to the library and start translating Hebrew passages. Unfortunately, my fear of failing classes eventually drove me back inside.

Also, you guys, there has been an outbreak of goose attacks at our seminary! Not “geese” attacks. It is just one evil, cranky goose. It sits in the parking lot and flies at people and then hisses at them. There have been upwards of three people attacked. One of them I saw. I was still in my car while this poor man was being attacked, so I tried to rescue him by running the goose over with my SUV. I got really close, but then I felt kind of bad about being a goose murderer, so I didn’t run him over. Also, the guy had escaped to safety by then.Seriously, though, I heard of at least two others that were attacked and hissed at. I am wondering if this is a goose who has a wife and he is helping her protect her egg. Do you think? And apparently they’ve decided keep and nurture their egg  in an asphalt parking lot. The geese’s natural habitat. Also, did you know that geese have tongues? They do. You can totally see them when they hiss at you.

In conclusion, it is probably not a good idea to dress like a bumblebee on the day that the killer goose is on a rampage at your school.

OK, I best be going. Today I am thankful for God’s grace — that He is forgiving and flings His remembrance of my sin as far as the east is from the west. I don’t deserve it. He is nice to me.



4 Responses to “Bees, Geese and Scarf Drama”

  1. Kristy said

    I still think you didn’t look like a bumblebee, and that the scarf/belt thing works. Kendi (aka my style mentor) agrees.

    And geese are evil, but particularly the one. And I HATE their tongues.

  2. Jaci said

    I like the belt too. Very brave, and it paid off because you look cute (and not like a bumblebee)

  3. Micah said

    Remind me to never visit your school. Also, you are cute and the scarf works.

  4. Kim Callihan said

    That is the EXACT reason I hate birds

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