Library Stylin’

April 5, 2011

Yes, yes, y’all.

I really don’t know what that means.

So, here is yesterday’s outfit. This was my one outfit idea, so the rest of the challenge can only go downhill from here. It was freezing yesterday morning. I had to wear tights. Also, Kristy and I took pictures in a corner of the library, and we were not very good at a) being quiet, b) taking pictures, or c) posing for pictures. So don’t make fun of us as we pretend that we are reading books while being fully aware that the camera is aimed our way. We are trying to be creative. Leave us alone.

Just in case you were wondering (which you probably aren’t), I’ll post links to the clothes I’m wearing if they’re still around. Most of them aren’t, because most of my clothes are old.

Gap T-shirt

Not Rated Shoes from DSW

Target sweater (this isn’t the exact one, but it looked similar)

Forever 21 necklace

I’ve had that skirt for a hundred years. I think it’s from Gap. From the year 1911.

Also, don’t forget that Kristy is doing this same challenge over on her blog. Look how pretty she is.

In other news, I totally did not leave theology class at the break last night so that I could come home and watch the rest of the NCAA championship basketball game. Did. Not.

You guys, I had a heartbreaking weekend because I went to a concert that was supposed to feature Jesse Plemons (a.k.a. Landry Clarke from Friday Night Lights), but he was not there! But do you know who was there? A super weird trio of skinny-jeans-wearing white rappers whose lyrics included the phrase, “You know you like it when I’m zombie drunk.” No, weird rappers. We do not like it when you are zombie drunk. Nor do we know what it means to be zombie drunk. The only thing that has cheered me up is the fact that Friday Night Lights season 5 is coming out this week! (You should also be excited, because as soon as I’ve watched that season I’ll have to quit talking about the show, which I’m sure you’ll all appreciate.)

K, I gotsta go. Hope your day is swell times!


3 Responses to “Library Stylin’”

  1. bonnie said

    Cute! You are off to a great start.

  2. denisemorris said

    Bonnie, that sweater is from you! 🙂

  3. Jaci said

    I like that sweater a lot. Will you send it to me when you’re finished?

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