Fashion Challenge!

April 4, 2011

Folks, it’s time for the 30-for-30 fashion challenge! Please pretend to be excited.

I got the idea from Kendi Everyday’s blog. She wears really darling clothes and she remixes them all the time. She’s really creative with what she wears, and I’ve been inspired. Unfortunately, I have about two ideas, so it may not go quite as well.

So, here’s the challenge. For the next 30 days, I will wear only the 30 clothing items listed below. Shoes are included, but things like tights, leggings, belts, scarves, jewelry, etc. are not. So, I’ll use a lot of those to help mix things up. During these 30 days, I will refrain from shopping — hopefully it’ll help me become more appreciative of what I already have. I’m thinking it will also help me realize that I do have a ton of stuff — I just need to mix and match more!

So, here are the items:

Two pairs of jeans.

Two dresses.

Four skirts.

Four sweaters and one jacket.

Ten shirts.

And seven pairs of shoes.

The final pair of shoes isn’t in the picture because they’re still on the way to my house. I think I’ll jove them!

So, there you go. I have absolutely no idea if this is a good combo of clothing. I’m worried I have too many shoes and not enough actual pieces of clothing. But we shall see. It should be interesting — it was literally 80 degrees on Saturday and today there is snow on the ground and I’m freezing. Since I always like to look at the bright side of situations (insert sarcasm here), I’m looking at Colorado’s maniacal weather patterns as a fun opportunity to get creative with my clothing!

Also, I am sorry for the awful quality of my photos. I’m not a good photographer and my camera has some weird problem that causes spots on most of my pictures. My friend Kristy and I will probably be taking pics of each other, and as far as I know, both of our photography skills include “pointing,” “shooting,” and “putting our fingers in front of the lens.” If anyone would like to buy me a sweet camera, or offer your photography skills, I am all in.

So, that’s it folks. We shall see how it goes. I’ll post today’s outfit tomorrow!


5 Responses to “Fashion Challenge!”

  1. Danielle said

    never too many shoes. 🙂

  2. kelsey said

    I will take that…and that…and that too! Thanks!

  3. Jenn said

    When you are tired of the neutral tank top with the cream lace on the shoulders just let me know. I would be happy to take that off your hands. 🙂 Good LUCK

  4. denisemorris said

    Tjasha, you’ll probably see us snapping photos around campus a lot this month! 🙂

  5. Leah said

    The best hint is to choose colours and patterns that go with all the other colours you’ve chosen 🙂

    I pretty much wear the same thirty items anyway :-\

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