Some Stuff That I Did

March 31, 2011


It is spring outside today, so why am I in this crappy library?! Seminary is for suckers.

I did not have time to go for a run on the trail yesterday, but I did go to the gym. I ran 1 mile on the treadmill. It did not go well. Somehow it gave me a sore throat and made me lose my voice this morning. I’m not even kidding. It was bad for my health. It was also bad for my self-esteem, because I picked the treadmill at the far end of the gym, which was right next to a giant mirror, and so I kept feeling sorry for that fat girl with the sore throat and the loud huffing and puffing who was running next to me.

After that awful mile, I did about four more on the elliptical. My friend Diana and I usually do go to the gym at least once a week so that we can watch Survivor while elliptical-ing. I don’t know that we get a very good workout, but we are up on all of Jeff Probst’s latest haps.

So last week was spring break, and I took some of my new friends on a tour of Colorado Springs. It was actually really fun because I lived there for so long that I had kind of forgotten that there’s actually a lot of fun stuff you can do there. We went to Garden of the Gods and hung out with the hippies in Manitou Springs.

We drove Gold Camp Road, and if you live in the Springs and haven’t ever driven it, do it now. It is so gorgeous, and it’s still in the city. Love it. We also went to The Broadmoor which is one of my favorite places ever. I love pretending that I belong there with the fresh flowers, expensive restaurants, valeted cars, and beautiful scenery.

We also visited Focus on the Family and Compassion International. I had never actually been on the Compassion tour, and it was pretty cool. It is neat to see all that Compassion does for needy children around the world. And they have a super fun room filled with handmade toys and videos of Compassion kids playing at their projects.

So, I have pretty much picked my items for the fashion challenge, although I am kind of nervous. It is “spring” in Colorado, which means that there could be 4 feet of snow one day and stifling 80 degree weather the next. So, really, only a dummy would decide to do this challenge during springtime in Colorado. I am apparently that dummy.

OK, gotta go finish this paper. I hope your day is sunshiney and joyful! If you want to keep it that way, do not go running.


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