There Ain’t No Doubt

March 30, 2011

You guys, quit bothering me. I have so much work to do!

I would just like to say five quick things:

1. I have been feeling patriotic for the last couple of days. Much like I felt during Jaci’s wedding. My friend Phil officially became an American citizen on Monday. He’s lived here for a million years and already seemed pretty American to me, but he was technically from the Philippines and had to go through the naturalized citizenship process. I went out, last minute, to the ceremony here in Denver, and it was pretty cool. There were about 70 people receiving citizenship that day, and they represented more than 30 countries. They said the oath of allegiance, promising to be loyal to the U.S. Then they said the pledge of allegiance, and President Obama (in a video), congratulated them and welcomed them. And then they played “God Bless the U.S.A.,” and I was so proud to be an American, you guys! I mean, at least I know I’m free!

Proud to be a U.S. American. Not like such as, the Iraq.

What was coolest about this ceremony, in my opinion, was the variety of countries represented. All of these people chose to go through this process–they didn’t have to–and they are bringing their culture and experiences to the U.S. Our country is made up of immigrants–we are a diverse people, and honestly, it’s kind of neat. I’ve traveled a bit in Europe, and in most countries, pretty much everyone looks alike. If you go to Spain and you have blond hair or dark skin, you stand out. But in the U.S. we’re used to seeing all types of people all the time, and that’s unique compared to most countries. It was cool. Lee Greenwood and I hope that God continues to bless the U.S.A.

2. Wow, that first point was long. I am sorry. As is the “D” I will be getting on this paper I’m not writing. Umm, I guess that concludes point #2.

3. My friends and I watched Parenthood last night, and I cannot take the sadness. There are like five different characters who are sad and disappointed and heartbroken right now, and I can’t deal with it! This is where you gently remind me that that they’re not real people, but I don’t care because they are real to me, OK!

4. I like this quote from Jehuda Halevi: “To see the face of my King is my sole desire. I fear none but Him; I revere only Him. Would that I might see Him in a dream, I would continue to sleep for all eternity.”

5. Point #5 is that I have to go write this paper right now. Also, there is a beautiful trail behind my seminary, and I may attempt to pretend to run on it later this afternoon. The dread is already building — I haven’t gone running in about 40 years, and it is not going to be pretty, folks. Pray for me.




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