Tuesday Times

March 15, 2011

Umm, apparently this has turned into a food blog. Which, unfortunately, makes it less and less likely that it will be a 30-for-30 fashion blog, due to all the eating-induced obesity. But I just wanted to show you this lovely little cinnamon roll pancake drenched in cream cheese glaze.

This is honestly the best pancake I have ever eaten in my life. Although, it is much less of a pancake, and much more of a 90 billion calorie dessert. But it is so worth it. My friend Kerry made them for herself and her sons, and they loved them too. Kerry has passed the recipe on to her friends, and spread the sweet, cinnamon goodness. Basically, we are forever grateful to Jaci for sharing this recipe with me and helping it spread to foreign lands such as Denver and northern Minnesota.

I took a theology midterm last night. Fairly excruciating, but I’m just glad it’s done. And honestly, although I wasn’t at the time, I’m glad that I know more about the nature of God, and the Trinity, and general revelation. I am not happy to have learned about God and time, though, because I literally understood zero things, and I am still unclear as to whether Jack and Kate could have caused The Incident that brought them to the island.

OK, this post has to be quick because I have a lot of Important Things to do (eat lunch). But I wanted to mention the woman who spoke in chapel today. She represents Women at Risk (WAR), an organization dedicated to rescuing women and children (and men), who are victims of sex trafficking and a multitude of other abuses. Her talk was overwhelmingly awful — there are millions of people being bought and sold all over the world right now. Japan has the highest amount of trafficking, then Australia, and then the U.S. We buy and sell our children. We do it here in America.

It’s a horrific problem — every 15 seconds a girl is subjected to genital mutilation, and in North Africa, women’s organs are stolen and sold. Children in brothels are chained to beds for literal years — the violation and abuse becomes all that they know.

WAR works to rescue people and to prevent these atrocities in the first place. They also work to help us become involved; they teach seminars so that we can recognize the signs of trafficking in our own communities — because it is happening. You can also go to their website and buy a scarf or piece of jewelry made by a girl at one of their safe houses. They don’t just rescue people and let them go — they teach them a trade or help them go to school so that they don’t get sold back into slavery. Most importantly, they share Jesus with the people they talk to. They share His saving love and rescue.

So, please, check out the site and help in any way you can. I was reminded today of the horrors that go on around the world — horrors that grieve the Spirit of God. I was reminded that my troubles are miniscule compared to this. And I was reminded that as believers, we are called to go, to do, to show our faith through real, physical action.

May God, though the power of His Spirit in our lives, help us to act.


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