Weekend Update (Get it? Like SNL! Get it?)

March 14, 2011

Well, I know you’ve been waiting on pins and needles all weekend so, yes, the french onion soup turned out nicely. Even if it doesn’t look like it here: (Also, I always mean to take pictures of my friends and the latest haps, but I always forget, which is why I have to post iPhone photos of gross-looking soup. I’m sorry.)

However, I recommend that if you make this soup, you use a little less pepper than called for. It was some peppery, spicy times. The clincher for this dish is adding the bread and the swiss cheese and broiling it for a few minutes. De.Lish.

Also, the Saucy Noodle Ristorante was saucy indeed. It was in a super cute section of Denver with some clothing shops that I will have to go back to visit. (I tried to go into one of them, but they turned the lights off when they saw me coming. Rude.) The food was really good — I just got a simple spaghetti and ravioli, but the sauce was tasty times. Also, it came with a meatball, and I usually avoid most forms of meat, especially when it comes in ball form, but you guys, I loved that meatball!

After dinner, we decided it was crucial that we stop by the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream shop, since it was on the corner and we had to pass by it anyway. (This is another place where I meant to take an original pic of one of my friends holding her ice cream at the darling ice cream shop, but I forgot, OK?! So, you get this one that I found on the Internets.)

Then my friends and I went to Adjustment Bureau to visit Matty Matt Damon. We got there a bit early, and there were two kids sitting behind us who seemed to become increasingly aware that they were surrounded by old people with spaghetti particles stuck in their teeth. One of the kids turned to the lady beside him and asked, “Excuse me, ma’am, is this Mars Needs Moms?” The lady told him that “No, this was the Adjustment Bureau,” and she probably also should have asked “Where are your parents?” but she did not. So, the kid and his sister gathered up their popcorn and drinks and went to find the right movie. On the way out the sister whispered (very loudly), “I didn’t think it was the right movie. There are way too many old people in here.”

Old people don't want to see this movie.

True. Oldies love them some Matt Damon. Overall I liked the movie, but it was nothing spectacular. Matt and Jim Halpert’s wife spend a lot of time defying destiny, and then some guys who dress like they’re from the 50s tell them to stop trying to defy destiny, and then they drag in some messed up theology about God and free will and predestination, and then they run through some crazy doors all over New York City as they continue to try to defy destiny. That is pretty much it.

Did anyone see SNL this weekend? It wasn’t really funny, but one thing was. During Zack Galifanhoweveryouspellhisname’s monologue, he said, “I wear a lot of Axe Body Spray. But I live in a black neighborhood so it’s called “Ask Body Spray.” Hahahahahahah!! That is funny, you guys. And a little stereotypical, but I’m half black, so I think it’s OK.

I spent most of the rest of the weekend studying feverishly for my theology midterm tonight. It is not going so well, just so you know. So, unless you would like to have me ramble on incoherently about the nature of God and aspects of general revelation and the ancient heresies surrounding the Trinity, I better be going.

Have a good Monday, friends!


One Response to “Weekend Update (Get it? Like SNL! Get it?)”

  1. If you “ask” me, I think it’s pretty funny too, and your soup looked awesome. p.s. Just about every friend I have on FB has now made the pancake recipe you posted and the verdict is in, They are fabulous! Plus, now half of them read your blog and think your really funny too. You might be able to make money yet! 😉

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