This Post Is Dull, But It’s Friday So Who Cares?!

March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

I have been really tired the last couple of days. I think I may have mono (full disclosure: I think I have mono every single winter, and I never do). But, I can’t avoid my bustling, exciting life (i.e. homework, blogging, and TV) so I shall muster up some energy and get to it!

I have a friend coming over for lunch today, so I am currently making this french onion soup recipe from La Baguette, one of my favorite restaurants in Colorado Springs. Normally I don’t even like french onion soup, but theirs is truly tasty. The recipe itself is quite simple, but make sure you have about 90 hours to kill before you make it. You have to simmer it for two hours the night before you want to use it, and then cook it for another two hours the next day. It’s so tasty when I’ve eaten it at the quaint, French La Baguette. I’m not sure it’ll be the same when prepared in my kitchen. I will let you know.

Soup so far.

Tonight I am going to see The Adjustment Bureau. Have any of you seen it? What did you think? I always like Matt Damon, and I have nothing against Jim Halpert’s wife (what’s her name again?), so at least the acting should be good. My friends and I are also using a Groupon to go eat at The Saucy Noodle Ristorante. I’ve never been there, but that name alone makes me think that it will be pretty awesome.

The Today Show just told me how to avoid wrinkles and crow’s feet. It involves slathering your face with about 70 different types of serums and moisturizers each day. Also, wear sunscreen.

So, I’ve decided to do 40 Days of Water for Lent again this year. I’ll drink water, and any money I would’ve spent on coffee, pop (that’s right, pop) or alcohol, I’ll donate to Blood:Water Mission to help provide clean water in Africa. The charity was started by Jars of Clay, and they’re wanting to bring a flood of clean drinking water to people. (Get it? Flood.)If any of you want to join me, please do! It’s a great cause, and a great way to think about and prepare for the coming resurrection celebration!

Finally, let’s all be in prayer for the people of Japan. There’s a lot they don’t know yet, but the death toll is rising, and will be completely devastating to the people there. Pray for safety and for God’s mercy to fall afresh.

Have a good weekend, friends!


4 Responses to “This Post Is Dull, But It’s Friday So Who Cares?!”

  1. Micah said

    Emily Blunt. Are they married? Booooo.

    We saw it last week. I’m not gonna lie, kinda boring, but I didn’t hate it. Let me know what you think.

    Also, just where is Jason Street, exactly?

  2. denisemorris said

    Ah yes, Emily Blunt. They are married. They go to dinner with Conan and his wife.

    Jason’s around. You’ll see him again. 😉

  3. How did the soup taste?

  4. denisemorris said

    Good! I blogged about it today.

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