Fat Tuesday Recovery

March 9, 2011

Woop woop! (I don’t know.)

So did anyone do anything wild and crazy for Fat Tuesday? Did you party it up New Orleans style? I’m still recovering from my Fat Tuesday (although, unfortunately, pretty much every Tuesday (and Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.) is fat for me). That’s right folks — my friends and I spent the evening watching Biggest Loser, eating Panera, and watching videos of tiny, darling paleontologists on Ellen. Still recovering. We did drink some wine, though, so there. And, who knows, it’s quite possible that I may have accidentally flashed one of the howling coyotes who spy on me in my apartment. Wild and crazy times.

My friend Diana is from Louisiana, and apparently they have the tradition of making a King Cake on Fat Tuesday. I guess after you bake it, you’re supposed to put a tiny baby Jesus figurine in the cake, and whoever gets the piece of cake with the doll in it has to provide the cake for next year’s party. How about someone just volunteers to make the cake instead of everyone facing the possibility of choking to death on a plastic Jesus?

King Cake that we did not eat.

Also, we thought about making a King Cake, but then Diana’s mom sent her a recipe, and it involved yeast and rising and things that are too complicated for those of us who enjoy spending our Fat Tuesdays wearing sweatpants and sipping wine while watching videos of Ellen showing us useless iPhone apps. So, no King Cake and fewer choking hazards for us.

I went to an Ash Wednesday service at school today. (My friend Courtney pointed out that there are actually way more than 40 days until Easter this year. Anyone know why Lent started today?) I had never been to an Ash Wednesday service, but I definitely appreciated it. I was reminded that Lent isn’t about punishing yourself or trying to work your way to God’s favor and forgiveness, but it’s a chance for us to notice some things in our lives that we might be depending on more than God (Facebook, TV, etc.). I was also reminded that I am simply flesh and bones — to dust I shall return. There is nothing in me — absolutely nothing — that is able to resist or defeat death. It is only through Jesus — whose victory over sin and death is great cause for celebration — that I am able to have eternal life. He is the only one powerful enough to take away death’s sting! Amen!

OK, I should be going. I was thinking of telling you about how Jaci emails me all the time as she watches Friday Night Lights and, because they film in Austin where she lives, tells me about how they filmed that scene a few blocks away, or how she gets to go eat at all the restaurants featured in the show, or how Tim Riggins basically lives in her dining room. And it is so sad that we got on the FNL bandwagon way too late because now the show is over and there is no chance for us to go stalk Tim Riggins while he is filming literally right next to Jaci’s house, because I’m sure he and Coach Taylor and Landry really would have loved our company, you guys! But I won’t tell you that story because probably most of you don’t even watch Friday Night Lights so that would be boring to you. Therefore, I will spare you. You are welcome.



3 Responses to “Fat Tuesday Recovery”

  1. Jaci said

    Sundays don’t count in the 40 days

  2. denisemorris said

    Oh yeah, good call!

  3. Anonymous said

    You are your mothers daughter 🙂

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