Mmm, Mmm Good!

March 7, 2011

Footnoting and Turabian style guides are mean and rude and awful. Just so you know.

I was pretty much either thinking about or eating food this entire weekend. I went to a girls’ night at a friend’s house on Saturday, and we made some delicious fondue. We did a cheddar one, and a swiss one, and a butterscotch one and a peanut butter-chocolate one. Love. Let me just tell you — there is little that is better in this world than crusty, French bread dipped in cheese. It completes me.

AND, look what Jaci made this weekend! These cinnamon-roll pancakes look absolutely amazing. Pancakes + cinnamon sugary goo + cream-cheese melty frosting = happiest heart attack ever. Sadly, I did not actually get to eat any of these pancakes because Jaci lives in Texas. And also, she didn’t invite me over. But I did spend a lot of time thinking about them and planning to make them soon.

Finally, I picked up my friend Ashley from the airport, and as a thank-you, she took me out to lunch. We went to a place called Bites where I got this delish eggs florentine. It was tasty, and it’s not a chain restaurant, which made me happy. We heard two waitresses get into an argument in the kitchen, so that took away from the experience a bit, but the manager at least seemed mortified and apologized about 90 times, so I’m guessing that the fighting is not a normal occurrence. (But, honestly, I’d probably sit through a fight in order to eat those eggs again.)

Overall, it was a tasty weekend.

In some unrelated news, I went into a few stores this weekend, and nothing fit all that well. I’ve got to figure out when I’m going to start this 30-for-30 challenge, and quick go out and buy 30 muumuus to mix and match.

Today in chapel, Dr. Soong-Chan Rah spoke about the changing demographics in the evangelical church. Basically, by 2023, over 50 percent of American children will be from an ethnic minority, and he talked about how that changes the look and feel of traditionally white evangelical churches. He brought up Acts 15 and the conversations that arise when different cultures come together within the faith. This got me thinking because the church I attended for the last few years was Calvary Worship Center. I loved it for many, many reasons, but one of them was that it is the only church I have ever attended that was actually somewhat diverse. It is odd to me that Christian worship is so segregated — I don’t know that it’s necessarily wrong (I understand that there are differences in cultural worship style, etc.), but I do think it’s kind of sad.  Anyway, Dr. Rah said a lot more that I am too lazy to talk about, but it’s likely to be up at this site pretty soon if you’d like to listen.

OK, I have GOT to go do some editing, footnoting, writing, Tweeting, etc. Have a good day, friends. Let me know if you want to come over for pancakes!


10 Responses to “Mmm, Mmm Good!”

  1. Lindy said

    Oops! Apparently you don’t need my week-late fondue recipes anymore. 🙂

  2. Lindy said

    But it does kinda make me think I need to come up with a reason to have a fondue party soon. Mmmmmmm….

  3. PANCAKES! Yummy those sound soooooooooo good! Could you help a girl out and share the recipe with me, pleeeeeeease?? 🙂

  4. denisemorris said

    Lindy, no — I was so happy to get that email about the recipes. Because this weekend (while stuffing my face with cheese), I was thinking “why don’t I make fondue ever?!” So, I would love your recipes because I remember them being so good. Also, please invite me to your fondue party.

    Danielle, if you click the link on “cinnamon-roll pancakes” in the post, it will take you to the recipe!

  5. Heather said

    I am so hungry right now. I think I’m gonna make a bowl of cereal…and read Acts again with fresh eyes.

  6. Micah said

    My mouth is watering. This just made me SO hungry!

  7. Kim Callihan said

    I feel like I’m famous appearing in your blogs twice within the last week or so…although my name has never appeared…and one was just about my child…but still..I’m pretty much famous!

  8. denisemorris said

    @Kim — your name was in the birthday one!

  9. So what about North Minneapolis Christian Fellowship.??? I was there for the white contribution. And we had that homeless guy who parked his shopping cart in the entryway.

  10. denisemorris said

    @Jill — haha! Good point. There was some diversity there.

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