Social Media Mogul Morris

March 1, 2011

I don’t know what that blog title means.

You guys, I feel as though I have discovered this new thing called the Internet! You can write letters to your friends on it, you can randomly ramble on a blog and strangers might come read it, you can tweet like a bird, and you can update every moment of your life for Mark Zuckerberg to see. It’s wonderful!

Seriously, though, the past couple days I have been a social networking fool. It all started when I happened to be at home studying the night of the Oscars. A good studier always has the TV on and their computer at their side (I’m starting to understand why my Hebrew midterm didn’t go as well as hoped), so whilst I watched the Oscars, I was also on Twitter. It was so lovely. Everyone was making comments and being hilarious and wondering about Franco’s drug problem and Christian Bale’s bright red beard, and it was so entertaining!

So, I am currently addicted to Twitter. (p.s. I usually remember Twitter once every couple months, participate like a mad woman for about two days, and then forget about it again. I don’t expect this time around to be any different. Except for the fact that I realized my poor friend Alecia is somehow signed up to get a text message every time I tweet, and she has also forgotten her Twitter password, so she can’t get into her account to change that function. And it’s kind of fun to know I can annoy encourage her with my informative tweets. ALSO, I tweeted Dax Shepard, the guy who plays Crosby on Parenthood, the other day and he tweeted me back, which means that we are now LIFELONG BESTIES and he would probably be super sad and heartbroken if I left Twitter. So, for these reasons maybe my Twitter kick will last a little longer this time.)

That was the longest parenthetical statement ever.

What else? It is a lovely day here in Colorado, and the morning should’ve started out lovely because I got up in plenty of time to get ready and get a few things done before I left for class. However, since Kendi Everyday has inspired me, I felt like I should wear something cute, but of course, nothing looks cute when you try it on and realize that everything in your closet is awful, especially when paired with your split ends, short eyelashes and wide shoulders (who knows why those were my focus of insecurity this morning). So I tried on about 90 different outfits, ruined the once-neat state of my bedroom, and finally ran out the door wearing sackcloth once I realized I was about to be late.

I really am a bit more dramatic in print than in real life, you guys. Kind of. Probably not really.

Switching gears and gaining some perspective: My small group is going through the book of James. It has been so refreshing to me for a few reasons. First of all, when you’re in seminary, you tend to have to look at every text from an academic perspective, so it’s really nice not to have to do that at small group. Secondly, James was a smart, practical dude. He was talking to a community of believers who were suffering persecution, and he tells them to consider it joy because the testing of their faith will make it stronger. So, this has made us wonder what James meant by “joy.” Are we supposed to be happy during troubled times? Or does the joy come from the fact that we know we’ll be closer to God by the end of it all?

And what does it look like to not immediately clamor for God to rescue us? What if we decide to take up an attitude of perseverance because perhaps — just maybe — if we follow God’s advice, things turn out better. If we ask Him for wisdom (literally, a listening heart), and we hear what He has to tell us in the midst of our circumstances, we’ll grow closer to Him, become more like Him, learn how to better walk as He walked.

It’s tough to do, but it’s good food for thought. It is making me look at my current situation a bit differently.

Anyway, I have a paper to write. And some tweets to send Alecia’s way. Have a sweet day, folks. Consider it pure joy.


9 Responses to “Social Media Mogul Morris”

  1. Just read where Half Pint is getting a divorce. I wanted to offer my condolences to you. I know what a blow that will be to you…and everyone else on the Prairie.

  2. denisemorris said

    What?! Divorce isn’t allowed in Walnut Grove! This is sad news, indeed.

  3. Jaci said

    I did not know until Sunday night that Christian Bale has a British accent. Did you know that? Crazy. Also, remember how we used to be able to share each others’ closets? I think that would make the cute outfit goal a lot easier for both of us.

  4. Micah said

    Sackcloth. Ha. Ha ha.

    Jaci– I DID NOT know he was British either! And Jarred has been trying to convince me for like a month. I guess there’s no denying it now.

  5. Matthew said

    Do not knock to brown-hair-awesome-red-beard combo. Some of us can’t help it.

  6. laura said

    What. I did not know you had a twitter! Check your email soon for one that says @LauraAHanson is following you! 🙂

  7. laura said

    Denise, I can’t find you! I even stalked a couple of people that might already follow you and checked their lists of people they follow.

  8. denisemorris said

    Laura — I’ll start following you. But mine is denisermorris.

  9. laura said

    Ah that tricky R. That’s probably why I couldn’t find you!

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