Back to School + I Am Lazy = More Blog Posts!

January 24, 2011

We;; upi gius. O

, bacl tp scjpp;p

Yes, that is what I was just writing to you all until I realized that my hands were not quite correctly placed on the keyboard. I’m a writer.

I think 4 p.m.  is a great time to publish a new post for optimum blog traffic, don’t you? No wonder it’s just my mom and her Deer River friends who show up here.

So, I am back to school this week, which is good news for the old bloggy, because it means that I will probably be around a lot more to avoid studying. I’ll do anything to keep from being productive.

This semester, I am continuing to stumble through Hebrew. I’m also taking two different theology classes–one about Christian theology in general, and one about the theology of the Old Testament. This is the book I have to read for OT Theology.

It talks a lot about covenant, the Law, sacrifice, God’s unique relationship with Israel, and other things weirdos like me will be interested in it. Some of you may even like it. (I’m looking at you, Jeff Abel.)

I’ll also be doing this whole mentoring thing that the seminary makes you do. Bleh. It’s not that I’m against having a mentor — I think I’m actually going to enjoy the time with my mentor. However, I also have to do all of this other junk so that it can actually be counted as a credited grad school class. Boo to extra work. That is my official life motto.

Since all I do is talk about TV, I thought I’d make sure that everyone out there loves and devotedly watches Parenthood. It is one of my favorites, and I love Crosby and Zeke and the gang. I’m quite upset that the State of the Union Address will prevent me from enjoying it tomorrow night. Stupid jerks who want to be informed about the condition of these United States.

As it is the new year, I’ve committed to my annual resolution — losing 800 pounds. I’ve started working out again, and getting my health food on. Since I also like to get on health food kicks every once in awhile (usually when I read a book like “In Defense of Food” or watch a movie like “Food Inc.“), I’ve bought lots of fruits and vegetables and started to make smoothies with them. Now, I am very much enjoying the smoothies with bananas and protein powder and almond milk. But do you know what I am not so much enjoying? The smoothies with spinach and peaches and grapes. These are called “green smoothies” and some claim to love them and their greenness. I am working on it. It’s been a rough start. But I’m going to keep at it because I have 30 pounds of spinach and kale and flax seed in my fridge. (I go big or go home, people.)

In conclusion, I should be going because I am already failing Hebrew. On a related note (and by “related,” I mean, “look, there’s a butterfly!”) I was reminded today of how much I love this video from Rend Collective Experiment. You should watch it. It might make you cry. (If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll pass along some of my Hebrew homework. That’ll do it for sure.)

Joves, friends!


One Response to “Back to School + I Am Lazy = More Blog Posts!”

  1. Your right about your mom and her Deer River friends reading your blog. When its like a 100 degrees below zero, there isn’t much else to do but wait for your next blog. I am with you on getting healthy too! Except that, my whole motivation for running was so I could meet Toby Mac but now my husband says, “No, you are not going to Nashville to run a half marathon. Run one here and you can see me at the end.” No offense husband, but you are no Toby Mac. Good thing he doesn’t read your blog!

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