Minnesota Moments

January 17, 2011


How are you, even?! Let’s quit pretending that I’ll ever be a consistent blogger. It is my dream, but I don’t think it will ever be realized due to school, work, lack of payment and extreme laziness. But I do enjoy it when we get to chat, don’t you?!

Well, the Christmases have come and gone. You guys, I went home for two weeks. Who in their right mind does that? It was actually pretty good–relaxing and like such as. Also, very cold and snowy. Seriously, Minnesota is insane with snow. You couldn’t even see cars coming out of the side streets because the plows had piled the snow so high. Meanwhile, it is 50 degrees in Denver today. Poor Minnesota saps.

While I was home, I surprised Charles in Charge with tickets to the Black Nativity, which was a superawesome play with wonderful music. We got all fancied up.

Dad thought I was getting him tickets to the Minnesota Gophers basketball game, so I think he was a little disappointed with the play at first. However, he and Bonnie just got back from a trip to Mexico last night, so guess who is getting zero sympathy from me?

I got to go to Detroit Lakes to see my grandparents and my mom’s side of the family. My grandma held an auction for the family. Serious. She gave us each four dollars and then auctioned off a bunch of things she had recently bought–DVDs, blankets, cloth hangers, a trendy cassette player. We had to bid against one another. Now you see where the crazy comes from.

I spent about a week in Deer River, where my mom lives. The old DR is a town with about 900 people. The hot spots of this booming metropolis are the Blueberry Bowl and the local co-op. Also, the hospital. (The town is mostly old people, so they like to come hang out at the clinic for fun times.) Although Deer River is small, it is very pretty. I love the view of giant snow-covered pine trees from my mom’s kitchen window. So peaceful and naturey.

A big snowstorm came through Deer River while I was there, so we pretty much got trapped in the house. But seriously, if you have to get trapped in a house, wouldn’t you want it to be in this one? My mom is my decorating hero.

We had some of my mom’s friends over for lunch one afternoon. They were funny and nice and put up with our bad cooking. I would like to give them (Kerry, Cindy and Morgan) a shout-out because my mom apparently forces them to read my blog. (There’s really not much else to do in Deer River.) It was great to meet them, and they all made me laugh numerous times, which is always good. Here we are, lunching it up.

So, now I am back in Colorado and trying to enjoy my last few days of freedom before school starts up again next Monday. Back to Hebrew verbs and dissecting Christian theology. Yay?

You guys, I started watching Friday Night Lights while I was in Minnesota. It is the best show ever! I think you should start watching it right now and then email me and let me know if you too want to marry Tim Riggins, even though he is a Bad Guy. I also kind of want to marry Landry, even though he is The Nerd. That show is just so well-written and the way they film makes it seem so real. I’m all about moving to Texas to coach a small-town football team. Who’s with me?!

OK, I’m done with the boring updates, folks. Next time I’ll try to report on something more interesting, like how I nearly sliced my finger off while washing a knife last week. DRAMA.

Until then, happy MLK Jr. Day! Thank God Almighty — in Him, we are free at last!


8 Responses to “Minnesota Moments”

  1. HB said

    Though I always enjoy reading your blog, nothing will provoke me to comment like a mention of Friday Night Lights. If people haven’t seen the show, I usually look at them and yell “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, GO DIRECTLY TO THE STORE AND BUY ALL THE SEASONS RIGHT NOW!!” My sister and I used to have parties to watch it…..and I MISS IT SO BAD.

    Also, 7. I could just tear up thinking about Matt Saracen. *big sigh*

    Okay, that is all! Glad you enjoyed MN and our OBNOXIOUS amounts of snow!!

  2. denisemorris said

    Oh, I love sweet Matt Saracen! He’s so nice to his grandma. And I love Mrs. Coach — I want a marriage like theirs. Love, love, love that show. Come visit and we’ll have an FNL party — bring Eva!

  3. Faye said

    I continue to search for my name in this blog.

  4. denisemorris said

    You can find it in “It Just Has to Be a Girl,” picked from more than 2,000 entries and published in the critically-acclaimed American Girl Magazine.

  5. Debbie Johnson said

    Hey Denise Ruth, I must admit I’m a teeny bit bitter about the fact that you were as close as DEER RIVER and didn’t call me!! We could have hung out at the local clinic! We could have gotten stuck in the snow together! I might have even watched Friday Night Lights with you. But, I guess now we’ll never know all the fun that was to be had. Sigh. I am happy to hear you had a good Christmas. You are loved and missed in Northern MN. :>)

  6. denisemorris said


    I’m so serious — my mom and I were going to go shopping in Bemidji and I was going to email you and see if you could meet us for lunch!!!! I was so sad we got trapped in the house because I was really excited at the prospect of hanging out with my sweet Debbie. 😦 Next time!

  7. Brandy said

    Love this post, Denise! Hilarious as always! 🙂

  8. I would just like to say the food was great, well with the exception of those bacon thingys and the company was awesome! I can’t believe we finally met the person behind the blog! And also, even if Deer River was a thriving metropolis, I would so read your blog!

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