Traffic Ticket Trauma (Alliteration!)

November 18, 2010

So, you guys, a few weeks ago, I was making a turn at an intersection, and suddenly I was blinded by flashing white lights all around me. Unfortunately, it was not any kind of glorious message from heaven telling me “well done.” Instead, it was an evil camera machine that took my picture when I was supposedly running a red light. Here are my numerous thoughts:

1. Those things should be outlawed because that camera has a super bright flash and it temporarily blinded me, which could’ve caused me to run a red light and get in a horrific accident. And the accident would’ve totally been the evil camera’s fault.

2. I really didn’t think I ran a red light! I was pretty sure that it turned yellow while I was in the intersection, and also, it is not fair to give me a ticket when I didn’t know that intersection was monitored by a camera policeman who would take pictures of my illegal doings.

So, I was all ready to contest the ticket and fight valiantly for truth and justice, but then I got the ticket in the mail the other day. They sent some lovely photos, courtesy of evil camera policeman.

It clearly showed my car before I entered into the intersection, and the light appeared to be a very bright crimson color. But, hello, technology! The evil camera totally could have changed the color of that light with its technologically deviant ways. Whatevs.

There was also a picture showing my car all alone in the middle of the intersection because no one else was idiot enough to run the very red light along with me.

They also sent me a lovely close-up of the criminal’s face full of malicious red-light-running intention. Seriously, look how evil and focused on breaking traffic rules I look!

However, even if I did run that light (which has not been proven!), I still think it is rude of that evil camera machine to give me a ticket. I am new to Denver, and not yet aware of all of the city’s crazy traffic rules. Like, how am I supposed to know what a red light means when I’m at an intersection in Denver?! It could be totally different from the meaning of a red light in Colorado Springs, right?! Exactly.

You guys, I am off to visit Jaci today! She lives in Austin, Texas, which is super cool and trendy and hipster. I’m not sure that I will fit in, but I’m packing my giant-framed glasses, my skinny jeans, my scarves, and my copy of Stuff White People Like, so at least I’m trying.  I’m excited to check out the city and of course, to see the kindred. We probably won’t spend much time being trendy or hipster. We like to focus our time on the important things in life: cupcakes, Harry Potter, LOST and naps.

Welp, the semester is more than half over. I am very near to failing all of my classes and getting fired from my job for turning my lessons in late. All is going well.

My sweet former roommate Sarena got married last weekend! It was such a lovely service, and I was so excited to see her marry a great guy. We lived together for six years and have gone through a lot together, and it was a great blessing to see how God has provided for her in such beautiful ways. Congrats, Sarena!

OK, I hafta go catch a plane and things. Have a jovely day! I’m sure I’ll have lots of Austin hipsterness to report on soon.


15 Responses to “Traffic Ticket Trauma (Alliteration!)”

  1. Kim Callihan said

    Denise!!! You’re so lucky! The google ad under your post is:
    “Greg Gouner, Attorney. Don’t pay the ticket. Get help now.”
    Maybe good ole greg can help! 🙂

  2. jenn said

    Have fun and tell Jaci I said HI! Sorry for the rude camera. I ran a red light the other day, but I don’t think the big city of the springs is up to the technology standards of Denver! Phew…

  3. Those cameras were just outlawed here in Houston. I’m good enough to never run a red light so I don’t about the blinding-ness, but I believe you about it turning yellow. Also, Austin is 3.5 hours away from me. I’ll wave! Have fun!

  4. Anonymous said

    Denver is the worst city!

  5. Jeremiah said

    I love how you’re like “bring it on” to the camera. I’m surprised they didn’t not give you a ticket because of how scary you looked.

  6. Becca said

    You are right, my first thought when I saw the pic of you was “full of malicious red-light-running intention.” Freaky…

  7. Micah said

    When I am on my deathbed, the thought of that picture (and Lauren’s from Haiti) will keep me smiling.

    And Jenn, COS has four, count them, four photo-enforced intersections now. We’re moving up.

  8. 2 things.

    1. I love/find creepy how advertisements can read your blog. The ad on this one is: State Traffic Violations.

    2. Those are illegal in MN. All the more reason to move back here.

  9. denisemorris said

    Danielle and Emily, why are they illegal in your states?

    Micah — hahahahah!! I forgot about Lauren’s pic. My heart is happy.

  10. Leah said

    I see no problem with red light cameras. We have them everywhere here in Australia (not literally everywhere, obviously, but there certainly not uncommon) but the flashes sure aren’t bright enough to hinder your sight, often people don’t even realise they’ve been snapped. One thing I have never understood though, is why people think it’s so bad to not be made aware of the fact there’s a camera there. I mean, isn’t the point of it to catch people doing illegal things, so if they KNOW it’s there, they might behave legally at that one intersection but carry on their illegal behaviour elsewhere? What is the point in having it then? Note that I’m not referring to people like you who haven’t even realised they’ve done something wrong, but people who intentionally do it. It doesn’t really make sense to me.

    Harry Potter is indeed one of the important things in life. I went and saw it Thursday night. I could rant all day about the things I wish they’d done better, but I’ve written enough now ^_^

  11. I’m getting caught up on my blog reading. I have to agree, I’ve been snapped a couple of times by those cameras and it is HIGHLY distracting. I find my eye-sight is gone for a couple of seconds. Also I look around to see what it was.

    BTW, isn’t this post kind of old? Is there another one that is newer that I missed?

  12. denisemorris said

    Brian, I am very lazy. This is the latest post. I will get to work!

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