The Trials of Life: Finding a New Gym

November 5, 2010

You guys. I’ve not really worked out in the last month because of the move to the big city, and the stress of school, and also, the extreme laziness. (I mean, the Hallmark channel isn’t going to watch itself!) But me and my jeans are starting to have a muffin top kind of relationship, which we all know is not cute, so I’ve got to get back on it.

Also, it is really hard to find a new gym! I loved my Y in the Springs, and I miss it. The Y here is OK, but the class I went to was “meh,” and their “track” is carpeted and you have to circle it 15 times in order to run one mile, and I’m pretty sure there was visible asbestos hanging down from the ceiling. I tried 24 Hour Fitness last night, but everyone there is so buff and cute-workout-outfit-y, and me and my muffin top don’t quite fit in.

But I might end up going there anyway because they have Turbo Kick, which has been my favorite way to work out since my friend Devon introduced me to it like five years ago. It’s really intsense, and it makes you a kickboxing machine, so don’t even try to mess with me. AND, our old Turbo instructor teaches at the 24 Hour closest to me, which is so totally weird, you guys!

Now that you are bored and have heard way too much about my fat, I will move on. For now. It’ll probably come up again later. I’m sorry.

Midterms are over! I had two giant tests and two giant papers, and I wanted to scream and give up and die, but I made it through. And I’m totally going to do things earlier from now on so that finals won’t be so bad. Also, as good as my intentions may be, that previous sentence is completely untrue.

So, I watched another episode of The Event/LOST Wannabe. In the latest one that I watched, everyone got mysterious nosebleeds. Really, The Event? Really?

So, Francis Chan is doing this amazing new video series called Basic. It’s named that because everything he talks about is so basic to the faith or the Bible, and yet, sadly, it’s stuff that we ignore. The first video is about fearing God — that it’s probably not meaning just a “healthy respect” for who God is, but it’s more a reality. Whenever we come face-to-face with God, we will fear Him. It won’t be a choice. It will just happen.

The latest video is about following Jesus. Francis talks about the fact that we spend a lot of time talking about following Jesus and pondering what it would “look like” to follow Him, but we don’t actually do it all that often. He also talks about why it’s worth it to do so. It’s very convicting and very awesome. Relevant Magazine was doing a free showing of the video, but it’s over now, so you guys totally missed out. (And I was too lazy to blog about it so that you guys could get in on the sweet goodness.) However, you can get the videos here, and they’re only like $15. They’re very worth it. (The video style is pretty cool too. They’re produced by Flannel, the same company that does the NOOMA videos. Also, do you know what is so weird? The same guy who “stars” in the latest Basic video was also in the latest episode of The Event that I watched! He got a mysterious nosebleed! Then he probably went to find a constant … come on, The Event!)

OK, I’ve gotta go get my workout going. My jeans will thank me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


One Response to “The Trials of Life: Finding a New Gym”

  1. Jaci said

    Well, I had the trial of trying to find a new gym in January, and I failed. I’m pretty sure it’s never going to happen. So you should jump on the 24 Hour Fitness thing while you’re motivated.

    Also, why are you still watching the Event?

    How about when you come visit we have a four-day Lost marathon?!?!

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