City Sophistication

October 12, 2010

Hello Lovers!

I am at the Den Sem library and I have a ton of work to do, so natch, I decided to write you a blog post.

Now that I am a sophisticated city girl, my blog will probably be much more cultured and fashion-forward and insightful. I’ll post frequently about the latest art trends and Broadway shows. It’ll probably be way too snobby for you around here.

I went to Wal Mart yesterday. Bought a broom. And some beans.

So far I think I am adjusting pretty well to Denver. It’s a little odd, and I still need to meet more people, but I’ve been staying pretty busy. My new fave place in the city is Pearl Street. There are cute shops and restaurants and a farmer’s market on Sundays!

I did really miss my church last Sunday, though. And my friends. But the great things is that Colorado Springs is only an hour away. I’ve already had lots of visitors.

ALSO, folks, if you ever decide to move somewhere, get an iPhone first. This thing has been a lifesaver for finding things around the city. Seriously, if I didn’t have it, I’d probably have accidentally driven myself to Utah on a quest to find the mall.

In other sophisticated news, I had to get basic cable. You guys, I don’t pay for TV! That’s why I’m so loyal to Hulu — because I never actually get to see things when they air. I’m used to only getting the network channels, and PBS usually forgets to show The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

But you guys, I had to cave and let Comcast hook me up to their media madness. I was only getting like one channel, and I at least have to have NBC so that I can watch The Office NBC Nightly News with Bryan Williams. So, I am now paying $16.40 a month for television. Breaking the bank. The good news is that along with the network channels, I also get TBS, Bravo and, wait for it, the Hallmark channel! Wanna know why the Hallmark channel is the best news in the world? Because they play this.

That’s right! Pa, Ma, and Half Pint every day! I like city life.

Did you know that I own galoshes? I do. I’ve worn them about .07 times because, let’s face it, they’re galoshes. And it’s sunny about 383 days a year in Colorado. And, also, who wears galoshes? Well, let me tell you what, friends. I do. I wear them today.

I actually have worn these galoshes on occasion. Usually with velour pants or mesh shorts. (I told you–I am very fashionable.) But I hadn’t worn them lately, and there happened to be a cloud in the sky today, so tada! The only problem is that galoshes are a bit heavy, and it’s tough to finesse the gas pedal in my car when I’m wearing a weighty rubber boot. But I think a couple of fender benders are worth the fashion points, yes?

OK, gotta go. I will write again soon and post some pics of my swanky new place. Swanky means “affordable,” right?



4 Responses to “City Sophistication”

  1. Ash said

    I’m totally jealous of your cute boot fashion! And the folks in the Big Apple would agree, if they were Burberry. Give my regards to Broadway, I mean Pearl Street.

  2. danielle said

    i love your posts. glad you remembered that and decided to give me an update. i’ll definitely be able to sleep tonight. also, i love your cute galoshes. don’t have the guts, though.

  3. Alecia said

    Tada! I do love those galoshes. I’m glad they made an appearance outside of your house. Now if only we could find those velour pants…

  4. Beth said

    Little House on the Prairie and galoshes! This post made my day. Thanks for sharing Denise!

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