A Change is Gonna Come

September 22, 2010

WELL. So many haps, friends! I am sorry for my extended absence, but I’ve been busy trying to not have a nervous breakdown every few seconds — so many things going on! Here, I will tell you about them.

1. I am moving. To Denver. To live there. In Denver. Weird! I got an apartment, and I’m going to be living on my own for awhile in the big city. It’ll be a big change from Colorado Springs, but hopefully it will be good. Denver reminds me a lot of Minneapolis, which I like. Anyway, you should come visit me and be my friend.

2. I am attending Denver Seminary full time this fall. (Hence the moving to Denver bit.) Four classes, one of which is Hebrew. Did you know that Hebrew has a completely different alphabet? And that it reads from right to left? And that its vowels are all dots and dashes? And that it is so very hard? All true. And yet, I love it. It’s very cool. I can read three whole verses in my Hebrew Bible! Baruch Hashem!

Bye, house.

3. I decided to become an independent contractor with David C Cook so that I’d have more flexibility in my schedule for school. This means that I work almost completely from home, writing lessons for Rio. I’m also doing another steady freelance job with Wetpaint, and, at least for tax purposes, I basically have my own business. I am Very Important.

So, those are all super major things going on right now, hence the not ever blogging. But I do so miss the bloggy, and I will try to be much more consistent once I move and get settled.

It is weird to be moving. I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for the last six years, if you count my time as a student at the Focus Leadership Institute, and I’ve made wonderful friends here and have had truly life-changing experiences. This is where I had my first real apartment and job after college. My roommate Sarena and I have lived with each other the entire time we’ve been out here. I was blessed with an amazing job at the Institute, and got to do such fun and cool things with students there. I’ve done some cool things, but most importantly, I’ve made such wonderful friends. Most of us in the Springs have moved here from other places, so, in a way, we really have become like family — and all the good and bad family encompasses. I will miss my friendsies. That is why I will make them come visit me every day in Denver. I’ve started a rotating sign-up sheet.

Anyway, I will soon try to get back to my regular blogging about non-events that you couldn’t care less about. I mean, I know you guys are really desperate for me to talk about my suicidal dog spottings and the decaying arms I see on the side of the road.

So, as I move over the next week or so, and as I adjust in the months to come, I’d so appreciate your prayers! Change is always tough, even if it’s good. Please pray that the Lord guides me to what He wants me to be doing, and that He’d be my strength and shield.

Talk to you again soon — I promise! Joves!

One Response to “A Change is Gonna Come”

  1. brbruce said

    Denise! Good luck living in the big city! I’ll be praying for all good things to head your way!

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