Amor A La Applegate

July 23, 2010

Well, you guys, how is everyone? I am doing fine. And also, dandy. I’ve had a busy week, which is why my blog has suffered. I mean, it is difficult to write you a couple hundred words about absolutely nothing you care about when I have people clamoring to spend time with me every evening (because I’m popular). Plus, I have to make sure I get all of my Hulu-watching in each night; plus I have to find the time to steadily ignore my freelance projects. It’s exhausting, really. 

Any. Ways. Here are the latest haps: 

* My friend Rebekah started a new bloggy! You should check it out — she’s pretty hilarious. Also, I’m hoping Earl and Melvin decide to start stalking me. 

* I have foolishly signed up to run a 10k on Saturday morning. At 7 a.m. On Saturday morning. Also, in case I forgot to mention it, I signed up to run a race on Saturday morning. Multiple miles. As we can all see, this was a foolhardy, reckless and completely unreasonable decision. But now I feel like I have to run it because if I don’t, I’ll have wasted $25. Also, who on earth pays money to run for six miles?!?! Someone please rescue me from this dominion of darkness! This is awful. I’ll let you know how it goes. (The answer is: badly.) Also, don’t judge me if I accidentally push the snooze button when it goes off at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. If that happens, it will totally be an accident. Very accidental. 

Enough of this nonsense! My kindred Jaci was married on the 4th day of July, 2010, the year of our Lord. It was such a beautifully perfect wedding. The weather, the decorations, the people, the food, the place, the everything was gorgeous. The wedding was in Medford, Oregon (actually it was in Appletown, or Appleridge, or Appledoor, or Applefence or something charming like that). Oregon is lovely because it reminded me of my two states. It is green and filled with lakes and rivers like Minnesota, but it has mountains like Colorado. Perfect combo. 

So, without further ado, it is time for a pictorial essay! I’ve titled this one: “Amor A La Applegate — The Marriage of Jaci and Josh. They had a wedding. It was pretty. Also, there was a river nearby.” 

Here we go! 

The wedding was on Sunday, but I flew in on Thursday night. We hung out at Jaci’s parents’ lovely home. I came in early to “help,” but mostly, I sat in the hot tub and ate cookies. I really think they appreciated having me around. These are the pom poms that Jaci and her mom made. They took some tissue paper and cut it up some fancy way. They were darling! 


This is Jaci’s parents’ backyard. Look at all the gorgeous flowers! And also, the pool! 


On Saturday, all of the rest of girls came to town. We hung out at Jaci’s house and ate food and painted our nails. Here are the Colorado friends! 


On Saturday evening, we headed out to the lodge for the rehearsal dinner. Look how charming it is! The wedding party and some of the out of town guests got to stay here. 


There was a river right behind the lodge. We could stand out on our deck and watch it meander along. The groomsmen also liked to sit on the deck and play guitar and sing old songs. They were quite the singers. They sang a lot. Many songs. A lot of tons of songs. They liked the singing. 


Now, the rooms at the Applegate River Lodge are equipped with what we like to call a “shath.” Note that there is a shower head, but it is not attached to the wall. Also, note that the tub holds about 42 billion gallons of water, and therefore, takes about 6 hours to fill. So, guests are forced to take shaths — an uncomfortable, chilly combination of a shower and a bath. It’s OK, though, because the river and the view and the friendly staff at the lodge totally make up for the shathness. 


Saturday evening was the rehearsal. The bride and groom were good rehearsers. 


Isn’t Jaci’s dress darling? It’s from J. Crew. Also, I found one too! It’s from Anne Taylor Loft. We stick our arms out to make them look skinnier. It’s a trick. Don’t tell anyone. 


Look at all of my pretty friends! 


I think sepia totally makes us look more sophisticated, yes? 


Here’s where the wedding took place. There are many busy friends here decorating so that everything would be gorgeous. Jaci’s friend Jessica headed up the decorating committee, and everything was beautiful! I was taking a nap being a helpful bridesmaid while all of this was going on. 


The favors were my absolute favorite part of the decor. Jaci’s grandma made peach, apple and pear butter. Look at the old Coca Cola crate! Could it get any more darling? The answer is “hecks no.” Also, look at that tiny dog! I totally didn’t see him when I was taking this picture. He kind of reminds me of Mr. Stubbs


Jaci’s dad collects random things. He had some pieces of scrap wood, so she painted these signs. So easy, but so cute and vintagey! When I get married, I am going to copy every single thing Jaci did at her wedding. She’s already been warned. 


The florist did the bestest job! 


That guy could not take his eyes off of the gorgeous flowers. 


Jaci and her mom also made tiny pom pom napkin rings. Also, Jaci turned her programs into fans. These are called DIY projects. Also known as “crafty things that Denise is unable to do.” But don’t you think they’re so worth it? It was all so personal and cute and lovely. 


Here’s a view of the whole thing. This is about when I was getting tired of wearing my heels. Seriously, I’ve gotten really wussy with high heels lately. I wear them for about 2.4 seconds before I start complaining. 


Mr. and Mrs. Josh Harris! 


After the wedding, I spent most of my time sitting down until I could put on my flip flops. Aren’t these lovely bridesmaids? I loved all of our dresses. 


Jaci and Josh took dance lessons for their first dance. They did a pretty fancy twirly dippy thing. (That is the technical term.) I think this white-haired man is happy to be on my blog. 


All of the Colorado friends. We are pretending to be mature and sophisticated because we are at a fancy event. 


Here is when we quit pretending. This is how things usually are. 


Anyway, it was a lovely wedding and such fun times. Joved it! Congrats Jaci and Josh! 


Now that you’ve suffered through all of my blurry snapshots, you have to go over to Erin Woolsey’s blog and check out her photos. She was the wedding photographer, and I have never in my life seen such gorgeous photos. She is supremely talented. She’s also the sweetest ever and likes to read good books. Seriously, go check out the pictures. And then subscribe to her blog because she posts pics of weddings and families all of the time, and even though you have no clue who these people are, you automatically fall in love with their weddings and their children because Erin does such a great job of capturing them. 

So, pictorial essay, “Amor A La Applegate — The Marriage of Jaci and Josh. They had a wedding. It was pretty. Also, there was a river nearby,” is complete! You are very welcome, my friends. Have a jovely weekend, and I will see you soon! 

* Note: I stole some of these pictures from my friends over on the Facebooks. They get very cranky if you do not give them a proper photo credit. So, just so you know, some of these pics were taken by me, some by Alecia “snapshots” DeLorme, and some by Ashley “quick fingers” Boyer.


6 Responses to “Amor A La Applegate”

  1. Rebekah Largent said

    Yaaargh!! You mentioned me!! And my blog!! I’ve hit the big time now.

    Awesome blogging, as usual, most awesome Denise. And that wedding makes me jealous. Mine was nice, but it wasn’t in the least vintage-y or even super unique. Ah, well. Jaci looked lovely, and so did you!

  2. Alecia "snapshots" DeLorme said

    You better not hit that snooze much on Saturday because if I have to, er, I mean, get to get up early to watch you finish, you had better be there.

    I joved being in Applefarm! I joved it all. The meandering river, the singing, the napping…I do have to wonder why it is that you failed to mention your favorite ‘lil snack, though. 😉

  3. Jaci said

    It was jovely, wasn’t it? And I’m so glad you all liked Appledoor. It’s a nice place and it was so fun to have you all there! Let’s do it again sometime. Next time we’ll find a place without shaths.

  4. This post made me laugh out loud exactly 5.2 times.

  5. Ashley "quickfingers" Morrie said

    I am so sorry to have missed the race, and my running skirt will remain in my drawer another year. I was too busy shathing with my quick fingers to attend such early morning festivities and frivolity.

  6. denisemorris said

    Ashley, did you get married? When did your last name change to “Morrie”?

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