Whatever, Lakers. I Don’t Even Care.

June 18, 2010

Boo to the whole stupid NBA. Especially the stupid Lakers with their stupid championship and their stupid yellow jerseys and their stupid close-eyed Kobe. Boo.

I am not bitter.

It’s Friday, you guys! Do you have any fun weekend plans? I have got to find a dress to wear to Jaci’s rehearsal. It needs to be summery and cute and casual, but not too casual. Thoughts? Please post links to darling dresses that cost less than $20 in the comments. Thank you.

Tomorrow our church is having a community yard sale. I brought over a literal carload of stuff yesterday. I took over some of my clothes, and also Kim and Bekah’s leftovers from their garage sale. I couldn’t see out of the back of my car because of all of the bags, and I came very near to running over a motorcyclist. Lucky for him, I have reflexes like a cheetah. Also, side mirrors.

I finished the book, Peace Like a River, and even though I’d read it before, I had forgotten so much, and I cried and cried at the end. It is so good, and has such a unique voice. I mean, the author is somehow able to make North Dakota seem inspiring and mysterious. I’ve been to North Dakota. Those are not the two adjectives that immediately come to mind.

I’m sore. I think my body is tired of me making it go to the gym. Poor body. I should rest you up for a few or several weeks, yes?

Don’t forget about Father’s Day on Sunday! My dad’s card is sitting beside me, stamped and ready to go. There is no way on earth it’ll get to Minneapolis in time. (I have trouble getting to the mailbox. I’m not sure why, but I just can’t seem to make it there. Even though it is only about 50 feet away from the house. I realize that it’s pathetic.) Fortunately, I set the standard for tardiness long ago, so it will be no shock to him to receive his card sometime in mid-July.

I am working on writing a lesson about the early church. There was some disagreement about food distribution, so the disciples had to find some guys to be in charge of it. What’s interesting to me is that it was an “administrative” job, but they took it very seriously. They wanted to find men who were filled with faith and the Spirit of God to be in charge of handing out food. It just reminded me that God has called all parts of the body to different areas, but all of us are to work as if working for the Lord, not men. And in those jobs, we should be filled with love for Him, serving for His glory, whether we’re waiters or CEOs. And because of the way the early church responded, the disciples were able to go out and minister to the Word. Because of their commitment to what God asked them to do, we know the truth of Jesus today. Pretty sweet.

Ok, friends. Have a good times weekend and remember to find me a cute dress and to write hate mail to the Lakers.



2 Responses to “Whatever, Lakers. I Don’t Even Care.”

  1. Matthew said

    In lieu of writing hate mail to the Lakers, I’ve been harassing Lakers fans via their Facebook profiles.

  2. denisemorris said

    Good work. Also, don’t rub it in my face that you can spell “lieu.”

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