Not Penny’s Tote

June 9, 2010

Oh my gosh, you guys. I was having a tough evening last night, but then Sarena brought in the mail and my joy was restored. Because look what Jaci sent me!!!!!

Not Penny’s Tote!!!!!

It is my new favoritest gift ever, and I will carry it with me shamelessly and embarrass everyone I am with. Oh, Charlie. We miss you. Thanks for the warning.

So, what is new with you all? I have a new tote. I also have a new app on my iPhone. My friends and former coworkers created the only C.S. Lewis trivia app on the market. Isn’t that sweet? I know people who have created an app that can be used on Apple devices! I think that ups my coolness by a huge percentage. It also makes me realize that I don’t know as much about old Narnia as I thought I did. I do know that there is a lion named Antwon, a magical world where it is always summer but never the 4th of July, and I think there is a witch named Glenda who gives children Turkish coffee to bribe them. I’m totally gonna ace that trivia app.

So, I got my oil changed at Grease Monkey yesterday. They totally tried to woo me. It worked. Seriously, though, they had great customer service. They came outside to greet me when I pulled up. And when I came back to get my car, there was a coupon for a free car wash, a coupon for $10 off of my next visit, and a red carnation on my dashboard! Also, if I get four more oil changes there, I get the fifth one for free. It did cost a little bit more than Firestone, but they also vacuumed my car and washed my windows. And Firestone is always trying to cheat me out of money, and don’t even get me started on the brake issues I’ve had with them. Don’t even get me started. Anyway, I jove Grease Monkey and have apparently fallen for all their tricky tactics. Girls are suckers for flowers. Even if they’re cheap carnations.

Have you all read Peace Like a River? It’s so great and I am rereading it at the moment. Leif Enger is a fabulous author and has such a subtle, clever way with words. And he’s from Minnesota. You should read it. It’s probably one of the best fiction books I’ve ever read.

This is not Mr. Stubbs, but oh my word, have you ever seen anything so darling?!?!

The other day I was on a run (because I love to run), and a jeep carrying two dogs drove by me at about 30 mph. Suddenly, I saw a wobbly mass of stubby legs and long ears soaring through the air. A basset hound had jumped out of the moving jeep! I don’t know if he was suicidal, or if he saw some bacon on the side of the road, or if he had a Superman complex, but that dog was like, “peace, suckas,” as he lept out of that car with his two-inch legs. The dog, whom I’ve named “Mr Stubbs,” did not get very far. He staggered over to the curb and laid down. His owner stopped the jeep and went to rescue him. Keep in mind that I was on a run, so it took me about 40 minutes to jog the quarter block up to where all the commotion was happening. Mr. Stubbs was walking, so I guess his tiny little legs weren’t completely broken, but he didn’t look quite right either. He kept lying down in the grass, and then getting up, and then looking confused. I don’t think he could find the bacon.

Anyway, I continued on my run because I figured that me trying to catch my breath and starting woefully at Mr. Stubbs wasn’t really helping the situation any. I don’t know the fate of the tiny little Mister, but I’d like to think that he found that bacon and hopped back into the jeep and took a little nap on the way home. Or maybe that was my wish for myself so that I wouldn’t have had to keep running another mile.

Alrighty, folks. I had better be on my way. I’ve got a new tote to show off. Have a lovely day!


6 Responses to “Not Penny’s Tote”

  1. Jaci said

    Oh my gosh, that is an amazing tote! Please bring it with you on the plane when you come to Oregon.

  2. Dan said

    How is “C.S. Lewis Trivia” (now available at: supposed to compete with tote and puppy stories in the same blog post? C’mon! 🙂 [I concur re: Firestone btw. :-/]

  3. Becky said

    I LOVE Peace Like a River! One of my favorite books! He has a new one out. I haven’t read it yet, but if you read it I’d love to hear what you think!

  4. denisemorris said

    Becky, yes, I’ve read it. It’s called “So Brave, Young and Handsome.” I liked it, but not nearly as much as “Peace Like a River.” It definitely has a more Westerny type feel, and I just wasn’t quite as engaged in the story. He’s still a great author, though, so it’s worth the read!

  5. […] The favors were my absolute favorite part of the decor. Jaci’s grandma made peach, apple and pear butter. Look at the old Coca Cola crate! Could it get any more darling? The answer is “hecks no.” Also, look at that tiny dog! I totally didn’t see him when I was taking this picture. He kind of reminds me of Mr. Stubbs. […]

  6. […] care less about. I mean, I know you guys are really desperate for me to talk about my suicidal dog spottings and the decaying arms I see on the side of the […]

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