This Post is About LOST. If You Haven’t Watched the Show, it Will Bore You. It May Bore You Even if You Have.

June 4, 2010

You guys, I have totally become a consistent blogger! Two days in a row! I have a feeling this streak will last zero more days!

Ok. In case you are weird and haven’t heard, the show LOST ended a week and half ago. Ended. Like, as in, forever. No more new shows. No more Sawyer. I get verklempt just typing that out.

Deep breath.

I thought you should know my thoughts on the finale and the show as a whole. It is tough to find any info about LOST on the Internets, so I am providing you with a service. I also thought that I would share these thoughts nearly two weeks after the show ended. I like to stay up on things.

LOST was a truly fascinating show. I won’t explain it all to you if you haven’t watched it, but if you haven’t watched it, OH MY GOSH, QUIT READING THIS POST AND GO RENT ALL OF THE DVDs IMMEDIATELY AND WATCH IT UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED. (Actually, they currently have every episode of the show on Hulu for free, so get on that sweet goodness right away.)

Anyway, LOST was great because it got people thinking. After each episode my friends and I would talk about what we thought was going on, or what a certain phrase may have meant, or what the book a character was reading could have symbolized. Some of my friends (Jaci) and I, would go even further. We would read blogs about the show and listen to what the writers/producers were saying about each episode.* LOST combined faith and science and philosophy. It showed us flawed characters who were searching for redemption. It did not always wrap up the way we wanted it to, but neither does life.

Overall, I was satisfied with the season finale. After it ended, my friends and I just sat there silently for a few minutes, taking it all in. Pondering what everything might have meant. And really, that was the beauty of LOST. You can always come up with more theories about that crazy island.

I thought they could’ve done a bit more with the Man in Black, and the island as a whole, and perhaps even that crazy sideways world. But mostly, I liked it.

Really? What are you even doing here, Kate? No one likes you.

For me, LOST has always been first and foremost about the characters, and that’s how they chose to focus the ending. They could’ve focused more on the island or Dharma or explaining how light/electromagnetism can turn formerly human people into Murdertime Smoke. But they didn’t. They focused on the people we came to know and love (Sawyer). And, in the end, those people were redeemed and got to “move on” together.** And, seriously, the final season made me like Jack again, which is a huge feat. He’s been a tool for like four seasons, but in the end, I loved him and what he did for everyone.

Some people think that the finale didn’t do enough to answer their questions. I disagree. I really don’t have any questions left, or if I do, I think that the writers gave us enough clues to figure it out. If you’re still confused, read this post because it makes a lot of sense. Or leave a comment at the end of this post, and I will make up an answer to your question.


Bye, Sawyer. Let's meet for coffee sometime. We can go dutch.

In the end, I understand that I’ve been a bit obsessed with Sawyer the show. But I think I liked it so much because it made me think. It made me think about God and how He allows suffering. It made me want to read more books on philosophy. It made me excited to discuss theories with my friends. In a world where much of television entertainment revolves around Michael Scott’s antics or what crazy person (Vienna) The Bachelor is going to pick, it was nice to have LOST — a show shrouded in mystery, deep thought and awesomeness.

Goodbye, LOST. I’ll miss you (and Sawyer) so very much. Namaste.

*Jaci and I understand that this qualifies us as huge nerdy nerdfaces, but guess who doesn’t care? Exactly. That’s how good the show was. Worth the nerd label.

**I know some people are mad that the finale didn’t seem Christian enough or didn’t line up with all of our biblical views. It would’ve been nice, but I never expected a drama on ABC in 2010 to claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven. I just didn’t.


7 Responses to “This Post is About LOST. If You Haven’t Watched the Show, it Will Bore You. It May Bore You Even if You Have.”

  1. Becca said

    Seriously, what are Jack and Kate doing in that picture?!

  2. Rebekah Largent said

    I am going to miss that show so much too. I don’t think I’ve ever connected with/loved a TV show as much as this one. And that’s saying a lot, because I usually don’t like TV as a whole. It’s really hard to believe it’s over … in my opinion, it happened way too soon!

    Let’s go make our own episodes….

  3. Jaci said

    That picture of Kate and Jack is so awesome. Seriously, what are they doing?

    Lost was such a good show. Do you think we’ll ever get as excited/nerdy about a show ever again?

  4. denisemorris said

    Becca: No clue. Weirdos. There’s a whole photo shoot of these pics, and they’re all odd.

    Rebekah: It’s so very sad. We’re going to have to just watch every episode again.

    Jaci: No, no we won’t. Unless we commit to BSG. Ha!

  5. Jaci said

    Denise: The fact that you abbreviated that shows you’re way too far gone. Might as well watch it now.

  6. denisemorris said

    But I only abbreviated so that everyone wouldn’t know what I was talking about because it is so very, very nerdy. I am pretty far gone, though.

  7. […] stuff was really confusing. But if not, what is your favorite show and why? You already know about mine and why, and I miss it so very much, so don’t make me talk about it anymore or I will get sad. […]

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