Sorry, No Pictures.

March 23, 2010

Hi friendsies!

Well, I have heard through the grapevine that the president would appreciate it if everyone went to the doctor for a physical. Or something. I’m not quite sure of all the details.

Oh man. People are in a tizzy. Tizzy.

Now, here’s the thing. I really don’t know enough about the details of the health care bill to have an informed opinion that you should care to listen to. (And neither does anyone else, since no one has actually read the bill.) But I’m an American, dang it! And socialist America or not, I still have a right to give an uninformed opinion along with everyone else writing in to Fox News and MSNBC.

And since everyone over on the Facebooks has been really quite timid about expressing either Opinion 1) Praise to Messiah Obama of Light and Joy who is bringing healing to all or Opinion 2) Hatred for Satan-loving Satan Obama who is forcing everyone at gunpoint to go to his Satan doctors of Satan, I figured it is about time that someone speak up.

So, here are the three thoughts I do have that really don’t even relate directly to the bill. They’re more based on what I’ve noticed since the bill was passed. And they’re more related to my personal soapboxes. So, good luck with that.  

1. I think what would’ve maybe been a better, cheaper and more permanent fix to the healthcare issue would’ve been to do something to make drug companies lower their prices — ideally by allowing for more competition. But both Democrats and Republicans receive so much money from the drug companies, that they were wholly unwilling to even consider that option. Or, there needs to be some caps on medical liability insurance — everyone is so afraid of getting sued that prices go sky-high. But of course neither of those things were considered because the root of all evil rules our country. So boo to politicians. Boo to greed. And boo to what sin does to people.

2. The United States of America is not (and never has been) the ancient, God-established nation of Israel. So I don’t always think it’s right to use Scripture directly related to the ancient, God-established nation of Israel when referring to America’s policies. The policies of America certainly may be wrong or right, or may be pleasing or non-pleasing to God. But all of that gets into issues of personal versus national judgment, and it really gets quite complicated, theologically. All that to say — sometimes we take Scripture meant specifically for the nation of Israel out of context. And, in my opinion, that isn’t useful, good or correct.

3. Since this bill passed, I’ve read a few blogs and, in the comments, I’ve read people actually threatening one another with bodily harm because their opinions about this bill differ. I’ve seen extreme vitriol (don’t you love the word, vitriol? I just really like it. Vitriol.), and ridiculous threats. Whether this healthcare bill is right or wrong, people need to calm it down and show some kindness. Listen to one another. Do what you can to change the bill or support the bill, but don’t actually threaten people with murder. Honestly.

So those are my non-thoughts. I don’t know — perhaps I should be more partisan about things, but I just can’t stand it when people can’t listen to an issue without being clouded by already-decided Democrat or Republican leanings.

And, honestly, the more I read Scripture, the more I am completely convinced that God has such a big and supremely awesome plan in place. I am writing a curriculum in which we purposely focus every lesson on what it teaches us about God’s character. We look at Scripture as a whole, and we see this grand plan — this big story that He is telling. Yes, you and I are characters in God’s story, and some of us have larger parts than others. America is also a character, but certainly not the main one. And in the grand scheme of things, you and I and our healthcare providers are not what it’s about. This story — from Genesis to Revelation — is about God. About God alone. Obama making you get your yearly checkups is so not what God’s plan of salvation is about.

Anyhoo, that’s really all I have. I know it’s much more complicated than all that, and I should perhaps be more concerned with politics. And I’m quite aware that people have opinions galore. But those are my lame thoughts. And if anyone starts fighting about healthcare in the comments, I will threaten you with bodily harm.


Passover is next week! I am hosting a seder. Ever done one? You should. You learn so much more about Easter and what was going on at the Last Supper, and what God has done for His people. Also, you get to eat a lot.

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. There are no funny pictures to illustrate healthcare or liability insurance. I checked.

I would talk about March Madness, but both of the teams I picked to go to the finals were out by the second round. So there’s really not much to say. Now for some crazy reason (my dad), I picked Villanova for the finals. Admittedly not the best choice. But really, Kansas? You let some farm kids from northern Iowa beat you? I mean, that’s your prerogative, I guess. I’ve just got to say that I’m a little bit disappointed.

In conclusion to this fascinating, pictureless post about nothing and non-opinions, I am reminded that no matter what my country does, I am called to try to walk as Jesus walked. So I will try to do that today. I am also reminded that in spite of the healthcare bill, the system doesn’t own me. I’m an adult!


10 Responses to “Sorry, No Pictures.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Are wearing sandals today to walk was Jesus walked? Just wondering . . . If you don’t, I will use my words to punch you in the face.

  2. denisemorris said

    You are so not anonymous. I know exactly who you are. Just wait for it, Whiskers.

  3. Jenn said

    SNL On the ground made up for your lack of photoage. Mannn.

  4. Jaci said

    Good thoughts. I’m pretty sure if we still lived in the same place we could have figured out a way to solve this whole health care crisis. And we would have gotten world peace in the deal too.

  5. denisemorris said

    Jaci, we probably could’ve done it through victorious, homegrown vegetables.

  6. Tim said

    Denise, I could kill you for this blog post. Threats!


  7. denisemorris said

    Tim, you make me so steamed. Also, I just realized that I prefer the weekends.

  8. Tim said

    I like fast cars, on the highway. And on the bi-way. Mr. ROBOTRON.

  9. “Satan doctors of Satan”
    hahahaha LOVE IT. I also really enjoy it when 7th & 8th graders at church think they are well-enough informed to provide their opinions (slash, what they heard their parents saying about it).

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