A Walk Down Messy Hair Lane

March 9, 2010

Hot, fresh blog post, guys! You know what a stickler I am about my one-post-every-two-months blogging schedule. Stickler.

So my Aunt Faye recently got a scanner. She is also a member of the Facebooks. These two facts along with her photo album full of Unfortunate Fashion Choices from the Early Eighties have resulted in me being tagged in lots of pictures where I’m sporting frizzy hair and bear-shaped barrettes. I like to stay humble.

Here’s what I’ve learned from these pictures:

1. I enjoyed a clean, white shoe when I was young. My brother did as well. Paired with snappy, knee-high red socks. And some short shorts. Oh, and also, plaid suspenders. (Also, I am 99 percent sure that my brother is about to have a tantrum in this picture, which explains his pained expression. But who can blame him? When you’re such a dapper dresser, it has to get tiring when you’re stopped to pose for photos every few moments.)

2. If you’re a director/actor in a Christmas play that you forced your brother and cousins to participate in, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time for elaborate costume changes. Not to worry. A white hoop skirt can easily be pulled on over your velvet Christmas dress. Voila—angel!

3. I thought my “bangs” (or whatever it is that’s sitting on top of my head in this photo) were most attractive when they were about eight feet tall.

4. Apparently I used to weigh about 1.7 pounds. I’m not sure where things went wrong…

5. I love my family. I already knew this. But it’s good to have reminders.

Anyhoos, it’s fun times reminiscing over old times and old pictures. I mean, remember when in order to see a photo you had to blindly take a picture like a fool, hope it turned out all right, turn the film in to Target, wait a couple days for the pics to come back, and then look at them?! I mean, how did we survive? Archaic.

Sometimes people have midterms coming up later this week. And sometimes people spend time catching up on “Psych” instead of studying. Also, sometimes people fail out of grad school.

Here are two new things that my roommate Jenn has introduced me to. These Thomas Bagel Thins, which have only 110 calories each, are my new favs. This is such joyous news, you guys, because I love a good bagel, but am always so discouraged by the 7.4 million calories that they contain. But no longer—thin is in!

Also, Jenn told me about this song, which is a cover of Outkast’s “Hey Ya.” It is totally my new favorite. The video quality is really poor, but the guy’s voice is great, so listen to it right now.

Sheesh, this post is just full of pics and videos. It feels messy. It’s ok. Let’s take a deep breath and move on.

Let me tell you what. I love the Old Testament. I just really do. I know some people think it’s boring and confusing, but some people are wrong. Or at least have never really read it. The Old Testament is filled with stories; it’s filled with people–people with flaws and heartache and joy and confusion–people like us. It shows us a God who would always rather bring mercy than judgment. It’s the majority of the recorded history of God and the weaving together of the plan that would bring salvation through a Messiah. It’s so cool you guys. It really is. You should probably definitely check it out.

Anyways. I should be off because I am very important and popular and have to get my laundry out of the washer. Hope you have a wonderous day full of wonder and wonderfulness!


8 Responses to “A Walk Down Messy Hair Lane”

  1. Becky said

    I don’t know where you found that cover of Hey Ya, but that’s like the best cover I’ve ever heard!! I LOVE IT.

    Thanks for posting it!

  2. denisemorris said

    Hey Becky! Isn’t it great? His name is Obadiah Parker and you can buy the song on iTunes.

  3. Jenn said

    so glad that I can impart so much wisdom into your life. ha! Oh and let me tell you, those bangs, well they should win an award. What I don’t understand is why you don’t wear them like that anymore?

  4. Becca said

    I don’t think the old way of getting pictures was all that bad. I mean, it gave us another excuse to go to Target, right? And we got to go twice- once to drop off, once to pick them up!

  5. Micah said

    For some reason, that whole paragraph about enjoying a clean, white shoe and other fashion mishaps really turned my tickle box upsidedown. Well worth the wait.

  6. denisemorris said

    Becca: You are actually so very right! I’m going back to using film.

    Micah: Know what turns my tickle box upsidedown? That phrase.

  7. Martha said

    Personally, I must say I liked photo #4.

  8. We had that same porch/outdoor furniture. Except instead of the lounge chairs we had a picnic table with the classy attack-of-the-sunflowers umbrella.

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