Merry Musings

December 17, 2009

Merry Happy, Everyone!

Aren’t these gorgeous gift-wrapping ideas? I love them. But also, guess who is not going to spend 47 hours wrapping that Transformers DVD I got you in wool and twine and feathers? Exactly.

Apparently I am going home in a few days! Who knew? Christmas just creeps up on me every year. Sneaky jerk. Luckily, I am an expert Christmas shopper and have gotten all of my gifts purchased and wrapped. Not in gorgeous fabric or anything, but still.

So normally I am against any kind of short, holiday-themed, book. I just don’t get into them. But let me tell you what. The new book “Touching Wonder” by John Blase is amazing. Honestly. It’s published by David C. Cook, which just happens to be where I work, but that is totally not why I am mentioning it. It’s just so very good. It is touching and earthy and unique. It made me tear up numerous times. Sometimes it is really difficult to find new joy or meaning in the Christmas story, but this book did it for me this year. So go read it. Do it now or I will be angry with you. In the spirit of Christmas.

So, yesterday I nearly died of a heat stroke. Nearly died. Normally our work building is so cold that my fingers barely have enough mobility to type, but I guess Cook decided to be gen-er-ous with the heat yesterday. And apparently I also bought some kind of extra-thick wool tights that were made for cold-blooded reptiles who spend their winters vacationing in Antarctica. Those tights keep a person good and warm, and along with the hot building it was a nearly lethal combination. Lucky for you, I managed to survive and pass on this spellbinding story to you, dear readers. Lucky for you.

I am writing a lesson right now about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet in John 13. As I was reading the story the other day, I was just so undone by Jesus’ actions. I thought about the whole big story of God, and how He’s demonstrated His love in so many ways. How He gently breathed life and energy into Adam and Eve. How He walked an ancient blood path to show Abraham that He was eternally committed to His covenant. I thought of the Psalms and how they weep and sing and plead over the beauties of God’s love story.

And then there’s Jesus. God incarnate, reaching down and rinsing the Jerusalem dust from the feet of His disciples. He did it to demonstrate what they should do for others. And He did it to show them the full extent of God’s love—to the very last, to the highest degree.


After I marveled at my good God, I also thanked Him for Dave Barnes and this video. Because all I want for Christmas is joos. Chocolate milk joos.

OK, well you best get going so that you can buy my Christmas present and then wrap it in crystals and cotton and beauty. Joves and Kisses!


5 Responses to “Merry Musings”

  1. Mom said

    You are going to get fired.

  2. denisemorris said

    For what, promoting a WONDERFUL book published by my company, you mean?

  3. Ashley said

    Who is Joyce and why is she hanging out with good Christian men? I wish I worked with Little Brother Constantine.

  4. Alecia said

    I hope you enjoyed your gift wrapped in jove. I did not have time for crystals and cotton and beauty.

  5. denisemorris said

    I think the “Shalom, Y’all” sign was beauty enough.

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