Hi, Hi!

November 20, 2009

Here are the three jobs I would like to have: 1. Mom 2. Adjunct Professor of Awesomeness and 3. Professional Blogger. Unfortunately, I have zero of those three jobs right now, and instead have different job-type things, and school-type things, and life-type things to do, which means my poor bloggy suffers so much. So, if anyone figures a way to help me achieve my goals, lemme know.

There’s way too much to catch up on in my uber-fascinating life, so I’ll just give you a quick list of things that I’ve totally been consistently doing every day.

1. Running four miles daily.

2. Eating only vegetables and things without high fructose corn syrup.

3. Studying diligently for two hours a night.

4. Not spending too much money at Target.

5. Updating this blog three times a week.

And then there’s the list of things I definitely haven’t done lately.

1. Become best friends with the McDonald’s drive-thru staff because I get fast food on my way up to class each week.

2. Gone to only one workout class at the Y in the last 47 months.

3. Thought it was a good idea to buy trendy knee-high socks.

4. Registered for a class that may not count toward my degree program, simply because I am unhealthily obsessed with Jewish things.

5. Seen the new Twilight movie.

So, as you can see, I’ve been very busy doing and not doing a lot of things lately. I also took my dreaded midterm–I have never studied so much in my entire life. I memorized details of ancient Hittite treaties and festivals celebrated in extinct cultures. Not my idea of a super fun weekend, but I’m actually really glad that I learned all of it. It’s been great fun to learn more about the Bible’s context and people.

I’ve also been too lazy to blow dry my hair this week, which means I’ve been wearing it super curly. I look like I have a lion’s mane.

Those are most of the exciting haps. There have been others, but I’m sure you don’t need to hear the details of all my McDonald’s orders. I will recommend that every all of the people should see the show Wicked, because it is amazing (insert Kelly Kapoor voice here). Also, make sure to get your Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes dropped off by Monday. And, one last thing–you should get Switchfoot’s new album, “Hello Hurricane.” It is way good–both musically and lyrically. Check out their video, “Mess of Me” for a taste of the sweet goodness.

OK, just wanted to say “hi” and that “I miss you” and that “I totally haven’t been eating McDonald’s or seeing vampire/werewolf/love story movies,” and that “Jesus loves you.” Have a good weekend!


5 Responses to “Hi, Hi!”

  1. Micah said

    Um, when you say “Jesus loves you” it makes it sound a little bit like “He doesn’t.”

    Also, please tell me you didn’t buy knee high socks, Catholic school girl, please.

  2. joshMshep said

    Denise, you’re awesome – I feel like I’ve spoken to you after this blog post!

    I appreciate the inspiration, I want my blog-type thing to sound conversational too.. : j

    peace and all that jazz,

  3. Ashley said

    I didn’t notice your desk plant in your photo. But I’m sure that $5 Wal-Mart special is still alive. Also, do girl lions have manes? I’m just sayin . . .

  4. denisemorris said

    Micah: The socks were on clearance, so that makes it totally OK. Oh, and also, that was on my list of things I totally haven’t done at all ever…

    Josh: blog-type things are so fun! And you are also awesome.

    Ashley: That plant is still very alive. So far it has done better than Moses the Wandering Jew. And no, girl lions do not have manes, which is part of the problem.

  5. Jenn said

    Hey girl! These next two weeks I am going to be doing 2-a-days at the Y so if you ever want to some with me.. PLEASE COME!!! Gotta get ready for that swimsuit! yikes…

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