A Bunch of Garbage

June 26, 2009

Hello Peaches … es. Peacheses. Peachies.

Hi friends.

Today is Friday just so that you’re aware. Partay! Nap time!

Michael Jackson is dead! You heard it here first.

Honestly, this makes me sad. He was weird and creepy and probably guilty of a lot of horrible things, but I kind of feel sorry for him. He never had a childhood, his family situation was messed up and likely abusive, and I don’t think he ever actually grew up. Anyway, it’s sad.

Speaking of Friday, usually the most exciting thing that happens on this day is that our garbage gets picked up. And remember how I kept forgetting to put the garbage out, and how our garbage men were so sweet and would always ring the doorbell and wait for me to pull the bin out, and how I had to make them cupcakes in order to atone for my failures? Also, remember how you would rather be Michael Jackson than keep reading this post? Let me get to the good stuff.

I have now put a note in my gmail calendar that pops up on Thursday evenings to remind me to put the trash out on the curb. See how fascinating this has gotten?!

This morning as I was getting ready, the garbage truck came down the street and I peered out because I apparently have nothing better to do with my life than spy on the garbage guys as they empty our bin into their truck.

Henry and the new guy (Anthony is gone and I don’t know why! The cupcakes probably poisoned him) pulled our garbage bin all the way up to our garage. But guess what? They left everyone else’s bins on the curb! We are getting special treatment because of the cupcakes! I love those guys. Maybe next week I will quit my creepy spying and actually go say hi.

Now that I’ve ruined your life with my appallingly uninteresting story, let’s move on.

I bought a maxi dress that looks like a nightgown.

This maxi dress is cute and not nightgownish. It looks nothing like mine.

This maxi dress is cute and not nightgownish. It looks nothing like mine.

Once I brought it home and confirmed with Jaci that it did indeed look like a nightgown, she tried to assure me that once paired with shoes and jewelry it would look better. Not so. It just looks like a nightgown with fancy shoes. I cannot be seen around town like this, so I will probably have to return it. Although, I’m pretty sure my mother has often traipsed around Target in pajamas and loafers. She’s where I get my excellent fashion sense.

Tonight I am seeing a movie that will make me cry, so you can look forward to that mesmerizing update next week.

Until then, stay classy. Enjoy your weekend. If you see me at the store in a long garment that is quite obviously a nightgown just smile and nod and pretend not to notice.



6 Responses to “A Bunch of Garbage”

  1. ashbharr said

    Oh the nightgown dress.

  2. Jill said

    Once your aunt was riding to church & noticed that the tag on her “dress” said SLEEPWEAR. She was also wearing pantyhose & heels. You come by this naturally. Sorry.

  3. Natalie S. said

    I just bought a maxi dress, and I pretty much had to pin the back and front because needless to say my mother passed alot of her qualities on to me, oh well. Oh and yeah I heard about Michael Jackson too, theyve been playing all of his music all day!

  4. […] seem worth it to spend a bazillion dollars on grass. I would rather spend a bazillion dollars on nightgown dresses and […]

  5. non-profit gypsy said

    I don’t think you can say: “..likely guilty of horrible things.” He was found innocent once by a jury trial. People were after his money, honey.

  6. denisemorris said

    gypsy–you may be totally right. We’ll never know, I guess. Either way, I think that it’s sad he died so young and had such a weird, troubled life.

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