It’s Not Thursday

June 10, 2009

This is actually from last year's drive-in adventure, but you get the point.

This is actually from last year's drive-in adventure, but you get the point.


Sadly, I spent much of Tuesday thinking it was Thursday. So as you can imagine, that realization was soul crushing. I’ve picked myself up, however, and am attempting to move on with life. Perhaps Thursday will come at some point.

Anyways, what are all the haps, my friends? I went to the drive-in this weekend. You have to go to Pueblo, Colorado to do so (negative), but you get to see two new movies, make a bed in the back of your SUV, people watch and eat movie snacks all for $7.50 (positive!). It evens out. I spent most of the second movie staring at the full moon — it was gorgeous.

So I took a StrengthsFinder test for work today. I took one a year or two ago, but I had forgotten what my strengths were. Apparently remembering is not one of them.

The test gives you your top five strengths. Mine are almost all about learning and thinking and loving to learn and think. Also, there’s one about me seeing connections in things. And me liking to pretend that I’m an expert in certain areas so that I can teach people stuff. Or something. My strengths do not include the ones about harmony or empathy or winning people over. No one is surprised.

Did everyone see Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon?!

So I promised I would talk about “The Year of Living Bibilically,”  a book I just read. I know you’ve all been waiting on tenterhooks. Just calm the tenterhooks on down.

Anyway, A.J. Jacobs, a non-practicing Jew, decides he wants to try to live by the biblical rules for an entire year. The book is the chronicle of his experience as he grows out his hair, makes sure not to wear mixed fabrics, and attempts to avoid lying and gossip. Basically, it is a really hard year.

It’s really interesting to read about his journey, though. He’s not a believer, but he did a much better job of trying to follow the Bible’s commands than I ever do. And he learns a lot from the process. He learns about giving, and he takes comfort in prayer. He starts saying “God willing” so as not to assume that God isn’t the one directing his life.

He struggles with some of the odd biblical laws — the ones that no one has quite been able to figure out. Food laws, for instance. God restricts a whole lot of animals, but Jacobs discovers that it’s OK to eat crickets and locusts. So he eats crickets. (One, actually. And it was covered in chocolate. But still.) He didn’t understand this law, but he did read that often during biblical times, entire crops would be ruined by locusts. If God had forbidden His people from eating locusts, many of the poorest Israelites would have died of starvation. So Jacobs concludes:

More and more, I feel it’s important to look at the Bible with an open heart. If you roll up your sleeves, even the oddest passages — and the one about edible bugs qualifies — can be seen as a sign of God’s mercy and compassion.

It’s a good book with some good thoughts. You should read it. I also just read a book about Jacobs’ former intern who spends a semester at Liberty University. That’s a whole different story. Perhaps I will tell it someday. Resume tenterhook waiting.

Well, I’m spent, friends. I mean, I had to take the time to look up a quote from a book for this post. The things I do for you. I hope you’re having a wonderful week — let me know when it’s Thursday.


9 Responses to “It’s Not Thursday”

  1. Jaci said

    Do you think there’s a chance that you’re related to Zack Morris?

  2. denisemorris said


  3. Jaci said

    Jill, can you confirm that?

  4. Jill said

    Jaci, remember that Denise lies a lot. I have also eaten chocolate covered insects. Bees & grasshoppers. It was a chance to eat chocolate. That book reminds me that besides our sin, we’ve been saved from a lot of other things as well.

  5. Jill said

    Either that or Zack is my twin brother. (Zack & Jill).

  6. denisemorris said

    Would someone besides my mother or my roommate please add a comment? Please. Seriously, please.

  7. Natalie S. said

    Sure, id be glad too! This is about the whole living biblically thing. Honestly Denise that would prob kill me. For real, eating bugs every day! I read some stuff in the bible, and it blows my mind to read how Jesus and the disciples kicked it sometimes. Oh well I guess well leave it to the experts right?

  8. Lottie said

    I just finished Strenghts Based Leadership. It helps you understand how your StrenghtsFinder results impact your everyday leadership and following skills. You should read it.

    Also, I keep reading your posts looking for my name and I can’t find it. I don’t understand this at all. I’ll keep looking…

  9. ashbharr said

    I read this book over a year ago and loved it. His book The Know-It-All is not as good but is still worth the read.

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