Blessed is He!

June 1, 2009

Here’s what good bloggers do: Stick to a blogging schedule so that readers know to return every morning, or every weekday, or every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Unfortunately for you, I am not a good blogger. I will perhaps try to do better. But also, I don’t make any promises.

OH MY GOODNESS. I saw Up this weekend. Up is a Pixar movie. A cartoon. For children. Little children.

It may be my favorite movie ever. I cried—twice.

Seriously, folks, it was so good! It probably takes a lot to make a movie that both children and mature adults (or at least on-the-verge-of-tears 26-year-olds) can enjoy, but Disney managed. It was such a touching movie—there’s a lot about marriage and commitment and love and remembering. Also it was hilarious. I mean, what’s not to love about talking dogs and chubby Asian boy scouts?

So yes, I went to a movie this weekend. Also, I did level two of the infamous Shred. Don’t do it. Ever. You spend almost the entire 20 minutes in the plank position which is bad news for my arms, my legs, my abs, and anyone who happens to walk into the living room and accidentally catch the sight of me in the plank position.

What else was fascinating this weekend? I ate Thai food. I played Phase 10. I read. I pretended I was going to run four miles. I took a nap instead. (I’m not sure that I have a correct understanding of the meaning of “fascinating.”)

So on Friday I got to sit in on a seminary class called “The Gospels in Their Jewish Context.” It was the best thing to ever happen. That may make me sound like a huge nerd, but that’s OK, because it is true. I’ve studied a bit about the Hebrew roots of Christianity and it is so cool. When we know how the biblical writers thought and the mindsets of the people Jesus was speaking to, it makes the Bible so much easier to understand. I used to spend a lot of time confused by what I was reading in the Gospels. But now that I know a little bit more about Hebrew thought, they make a lot more sense. If you have any interest in being an awesome non-Jew-who-kind-of-wishes-she-was-Jewish, or if you don’t want to go that far, but find Jesus’ Jewishness interesting, I suggest reading “Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus.” It’s a great book to get you acquainted with the topic.

Did you know that Jews have blessings for pretty much everything? They bless God for food, but also for lightning, and mountains and the ability to use the restroom. Not even kidding. Also, when you see someone gorgeous like Brad Pitt or me, you say, “Blessed is He who has such as these in the world.” When you open your eyes in the morning, you say, “Blessed is He who makes the blind to see.” When you get out of bed, you say, “Blessed is He who sets the captives free.”

I think it’s a really cool way to live life. I bet I’d be much more appreciative if I walked around blessing God for all of the things I see and experience. There’s a lot to praise Him for—we just get too caught up in things to realize it.

Over on Facebook, my friend has tagged some pictures of me from back in the day when I worked at Camp Lebanon. Here is what I’ve realized from those pictures:

aw snap• I had a lot of fun at camp.
• I rarely looked in the mirror—if I had, I would’ve done something about my hair and/or eyebrows.
• Apparently I used to wear nothing but t-shirts, sweatshirts and headbands.
• I love camp.

The memories are great! I loved camp life so much, even in the heat and with the mosquitoes. Did any of you ever go to or work at camp? Did you love it? Hate it?

OK, I should be going. There is a ferocious storm brewing outside. Speaking of which, I do not even want to talk about the victory garden. It is anything but victorious at the moment because we have had so much intense rain lately. Boo. But, hey, Blessed is He who brings rain to the earth!

Bye, friends! See you next time.


6 Responses to “Blessed is He!”

  1. Ashley said

    Level 2 is the worst! The word plank now brings tears to my eyes and my arms instantly start to burn. I don’t even want to imagine level 3. keep parseltongue-speaking Jaci out of the victory garden.

  2. Jill said

    Camp. .. . .camp

  3. denisemorris said

    Ashley: Plank is horrible. I am trying to find Jaci’s horcruxes.

    Jill: No clue what you’re trying to say here.

  4. I also saw Up this weekend, and I bet I cried in the exact same two places that you did! I really do think it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

  5. denisemorris said

    Jessica: The first time I broke down is when he floated that blue balloon to her while she was in her hospital bed. Sob!

  6. Oh, I forgot about that. Oh, that was terrible. I cried sometime around then, and again when he read the last page of the scrapbook. Oh, my heart.

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