Deliver Us From Me-Ville

May 21, 2009

Who loves long weekends? I do!!

I think we’re going to plant our victory garden this weekend! So far, we’ve had everything seeded inside, but our plants are getting so gigantic (and by “gigantic,” I mean “between one and 4 inches tall”) that they need to be outside to grow and move and enjoy the sun. I am super excited, and I hope they do well. Look forward to pics of me in my gardening galoshes, coming soon!

Umm, so I see that ABC has not renewed the hilariously wonderful “Samantha Who?” for this fall, but they have gone ahead and renewed “True Beauty.” Is this really the wisest choice, ABC? Really? And speaking of television, did anyone see Will Ferrell on SNL last weekend? Me neither. But I have watched some video clips. I will not necessarily recommend that you watch them, since there are probably some un-Christianlike type things in the skits, but I am just saying that if you happen to stumble across the clips at, you may want to click on the “Jeopardy” skit. Totally up to you. Not recommending. Your call. I’m still laughing at it. Just saying.

One of my new favorite things is I actually joined the site a long time ago, but I’ve just started keeping up with it. It’s a pretty sweet way to keep track of the books you’ve read, are reading and hope to read soon. This is great because I am always like, “I totally want to read that,” but by the time I actually get around to going to the library, I’ve forgotten about the book. No longer a problem, people! Anyway, everybody start a profile and become my friend so we can share book ideas.

So lately the Lord has been convicting me about quite a few things. Mainly my crappy attitude and my lethargic life. After reading an article about a pastor who challenged his church to go 21 days straight without complaining or grumbling, I realized that it would probably take me literal years to complete this. I complain about people, work, working out, people, food, people, life in general — constantly. If I did this challenge, I would have to become a mute. I would have absolutely nothing to say.

I also just started reading a book called “Deliver us from Me-Ville” which my roommate, Jaci, copyedited. I’m only a chapter in, but already I’ve realized that I need help in this area. The author suggests taking time over the next week to pay attention to your interactions with others. When you interact with people, whether in person, through media, etc., how do you compare yourself to them? In the social pecking order, do you consider yourself better or worse than so-and-so? Does your interaction with them make you feel smarter, prettier and better, or is it the other way around?

Either way, the exercise will probably show you that you think about yourself too much — whether you spend your time thinking that you’re awesome or that you’re a loser, you’re thinking of yourself a lot. Again, conviction city.

Anyway, I think I should maybe try this complaining challenge. If I complained less, and tried to be thankful more, I think my perspective about who God is and what He has done would radically change. If I quit thinking about me and what I want or don’t want, I’d probably think of others more often. So, we’ll see. If you see me around in the next few weeks and I start signing things to you instead of speaking, it’s probably because I’m trying not to complain or talk about people. Hopefully, I’ll start learning how to replace the negative things with more Jesus-like words and actions.

OK, there’s more I’ve been learning and realizing, but this is probably enough for one blog post. I suppose I don’t need to air all my dirty laundry at once. (Also, “airing your dirty laundry” is a weird, kind of gross phrase.)

Anyway, I have four non-work days coming up, so what do I have to complain about? Nothing!

Hope your day is fantabulous — keep it real.


2 Responses to “Deliver Us From Me-Ville”

  1. davidccook said

    Hey, this is Jaci. I copyedited that book!

    If you want to give your opinion on an upcoming David C. Cook book, go to this link and vote:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Alecia said

    Ummm, I will SO be looking forward to the pictures of you in galoshes. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of my day when that happens.

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