Finally Friday!

May 15, 2009


It is Friday—what’s not to love?!

About to cross the finish line!

About to cross the finish line!

So, since the last time we hung out, I ran a half marathon! How very happy I am that it is over.*

We were really worried that it was going to be a cold, miserable day since the night before the race, it was pouring rain and about 35 degrees. Running is horrible enough as it is—we didn’t need a downpour to add to our pain. Fortunately, though, the sky cleared up the morning of the race. It was actually a really pretty run—we ran out of a canyon and back into the town of Fort Collins, CO. There were horses along the trail, and mountains in the distance. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay all that much attention to the beautiful scenery, as I was instead focused on wanting to die.

Matthew, Ashley, me and Jaci -- hardcore half marathoners

Matthew, Ashley, me and Jaci -- hardcore half marathoners

Actually, the first eight miles went pretty well, but the last five were rough. My legs cramped up on me and just wouldn’t move very fast at all. I spent most of the last part of the race asking passersby if they’d be a peach and just give me a little piggy back ride for a mile or two. They were all rudely unwilling.

Also, while running, I saw a raccoon lumber across my path. Carrying a dead squirrel in its mouth. Gross.

Anyway, it’s done and done. (Also, can anyone explain to me how I could train for a stupid half marathon for three months and not lose one pound?! I mean, how depressing!)

Now that my insurance has kicked back in, I need to go see the doctor about my knee. Let’s hope he gives me a legitimate excuse to never run again. Although, I do kind of want to do a 10K at the end of July. Six miles is so much more doable for me. Also, there are some evil people trying to convince me that we should go to Hawaii in September to run the Maui half marathon. They’re trying to bribe me by reminding me that LOST is filmed in Hawaii. They’ll stop at nothing.

Speaking of LOST, DO NOT SAY A WORD!!!! I haven’t watched the season finale yet. My roommate Jaci is out of town, so I promised her I wouldn’t watch it until she gets back. The suspense is killing me. Anyway, I’ve heard it’s craziness, and I cannot wait to see it!

Our victory garden is amazingly victorious! A week ago we seeded some peas, squash, corn, watermelon, carrots and herbs. They’re like 10 feet tall already! Seriously, they’re growing so well. I can’t wait until we can actually plant them outside.

Did you know that I’m an official board member? That’s right—I’m kind of a big deal. Yesterday we had a board meeting for AXiS, which is an awesome non-profit dedicated to helping students move from apathy to action. I’ve mentioned them before. If you know of any schools that might like to have them come speak, you should definitely contact them. They do a great job.

OK, I should be going. I’ve got so much Friday to enjoy.

Here’s a question for you, though: Are any of you in grad school? If so, how is it going? Is it a ton of work? Are you working another job while in school? What’s the best thing about school? The worst thing? (OK, I guess that was more like a million questions, but umm … answer them anyway.)

K, bye!

* Photos by the awesome Alecia “Give Credit Where Credit is Due” DeLorme


6 Responses to “Finally Friday!”

  1. Kara said

    I did both grad school and law school. Grad school was easier by far. I also worked for a law firm during my first year of grad school. It’s doable, but it does make you feel as though you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions. The worst thing for me was the sheer amount of writing (80-150 pages a semester for my program). I like to write, but I find that excessive. Grad school is not easy, but it’s totally doable. Show up, do your thing, two years later (sometimes less!), it’s over.

    Oh, and boo for the GRE.

    The best part was class schedules where the day didn’t start until late morning or even early afternoon. It was convenient for a work schedule, but also made for opportunities to enjoy good weather or find rest when needed (as opposed to jobs where you work M-F, 8-5 (or longer)). Another best part are the opportunities for a graduate assistantship – they often cover the cost of tuition and even some (if not all) expenses (so you’re not adding debt – a BIG plus).

  2. Alecia said

    Thank you for acknowledging my assiduous efforts.

  3. denisemorris said

    Kara, thanks so much for the info! It does sound super busy, but I like the flexible schedule too. Also, you’re awesome for going to law school.

    Alecia, quit swearing on my blog!

  4. Micah said

    I heard the island enters a black hole and ceases to exist.

    That might’ve been Star Trek, though. I can’t remember.

    You didn’t thank any of your adoring fans for driving 4 hours round trip to support you in your race. But that’s okay, I read between the lines.

  5. denisemorris said

    The island disappearing was so 2008.

  6. Celebrindal said

    You were wondering how you can train for a half marathon and not lose any weight…well, I’ll tell you. What is probably going on is that whatever fat you burn is being offset by muscle growth. Most people burn more fat than they add muscle, but muscle weighs more than fat for the volume, so it can often balance out if you aren’t obese or low in muscle mass to begin with. It’s probably a sign that you are in pretty good shape so don’t be depressed. 🙂

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