The Smoke Monster

April 29, 2009

Oh goodness. It’s Wednesday. Yep.

There are a lot of things going on in my little head lately. I feel like God is testing me and I’m failing. (Haha! An SNL quote just popped into my head when I wrote that. Probably another reason why I’m failing God’s test. Too much SNL.)

I’m realizing, again, that it is so easy to say I believe things, but so much harder to live them out. I say I trust God and that He’s dependable and good, but I spend gazillions of hours complaining and fretting. Then I realize I’m doing this and resolve to do better. But then something else happens and I just can’t help the worrying or being discontent. Vicious cycle, people.

I am in a Beth Moore Bible study right now, and we’re studying Daniel. One of our lessons is about Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (more commonly known as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) being thrown into the furnace. They don’t burn up, but what’s even more amazing is that they come out completely unharmed—they don’t even smell like smoke!

How many of us walk through life’s “fires” and exit without the hint of a smoky smell on us? Not me. Lately I smell like I live in a campfire. Like I roll around in ashes. Like I’m a chain smoker…

OK, maybe the metaphor has gone too far. You get the picture. I’m whiny. I’ll work on it. I don’t like failing tests, you know.

Anyhoo, moving on to bigger and better things. Our peppers are finally victorious! We’ve had bazillions of tomato sprouts for awhile, but our peppers were in a sad state. But yesterday I found two baby pepper sprouts! I am so proud of them. Jaci is very excited to make homemade salsa this summer.

I am a very healthy eater this week in preparation for my race this weekend. Lots of water and Gatorade, lots of fruit , eggs, and pasta. I am trying to trick myself into thinking all of this will help me this weekend somewhere around mile 10. Let’s just keep pretending.

Race day is looking like it’s going to be rainy. So not fun. I did my 12 mile run on Sunday in the wind and rain, and it was fairly miserable. Some lady thought that my car had broken down and that I was running for help. I thanked her and then informed her that I was simply running because I’m stupid. If you think of it, you could pray that the race goes well for me and my three friends who will be somewhere near death at about 9 a.m. on Sunday!

Over in the Facebook world, I seem to have convinced everyone that one of my friends is moving to Spain. I didn’t even mean to, but it has turned out pretty awesome. I commented on her status and bam — hullabaloo ensued. Aww, remember Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book? Me too.

Tonight is Lost night! I have Bible study, but I’ll catch it tomorrow online. It’s the 100th episode, so it should be pretty good. I thought the last episode was awesome with Hurley and Miles and all of their shenanigans. They crack me up. I also am really like who Sawyer has become. OK, I’ll quit now for those of you who don’t know or care about anything that has to do with Lost. We feel sorry for you, but recognize that it’s your own choice to miss out on all the sweet goodness that happens on the island.

I should probably be going now. I hope you have a lovely day, friends. Come over and visit and perhaps we’ll serve you some fresh salsa!


4 Responses to “The Smoke Monster”

  1. LeAna said

    Good luck with the race this weekend, Denise!!! I kinda really wish I was running this weekend, too. There was rain and wind in the forecast the year I ran it but race day was b-e-autiful. Hope it’s awesome. 🙂

  2. Micah said

    Um, does Jaci know what the ingredients for salsa are? I’m not sure you’ve planted the “right” kind of peppers have you?

  3. Jaci said

    Oh, I don’t really know. It seems like tomatoes and peppers would be a good mix though, don’t you think? And if not, I don’t care. Our tiny little peppers are so cute!

  4. I am seriously cracking up. How many of us walk through life’s “fires” and exit without the hint of a smoky smell on us? Not me. Lately I smell like I live in a campfire. Like I roll around in ashes. Like I’m a chain smoker… Listen, we all stink. But because we carry Jesus on the scene with us, He releases an incredible air freshener. Sniff sniff -I don’t smell anything, do you?

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