Long Time No See!

April 21, 2009


I have absolutely no excuse for not blogging for the last 600 years. I mean, I did start a new job, so there’s less time to sit around on the couch and write Judge Mathis updates. But still. This is completely unacceptable. I humbly ask for your forgiveness, which you should grant me. It’s probably what Jesus would want you to do. Just saying.

Anyway, I am three weeks into my new job. Still adjusting and such — I am quite the Sunday school curriculum editor. Remember all of the flannelgraphs from the good old Sunday school days? That’s what I’m working with every day, baby. Jealous?

What else is new? My park and rec softball team is 5 and 1. That’s like our best record ever. We’re attributing it to our new bat and our spiffy new t-shirts.

Also, our garden is slowly becoming victorious! It’s taken our tomato sprouts forever and ever, mainly because our house is so freezing. But we have like ten wittle bitty baby sprouts right now! They are so darling. alecia-005 This picture is before they all started coming up, but just imagine lots of little green lives in that soil. The peppers are a whole different story so far. They are not sprouting. They’re supposed to take longer than the tomatoes, though, so we’ll see.

Also, I am supposedly running a half marathon in two weeks. Please don’t make me! It is seriously killing me. I’ve done one once before and, don’t get me wrong, it was horrible. But this one is so much worse. Apparently my body is about 90 years old. I have to wear a knee brace, my back is constantly killing me, my ankles hurt. Also, I got slammed in the shin with a softball tonight (this could have been avoided if I had simply fielded the ball correctly, but that was too much to ask), so I now have a huge lump on my shin. And I have to run 11 miles tomorrow. Poor, poor, poor me.

I’ve had so many things I’ve wanted to tell you during the last few weeks, but now I’ve forgotten them all. It’s my own fault. Hey, I hosted a Passover Seder for the fourth year! I love it. My friend Micah blogged about it, so you should go read about it over there. Every single person should celebrate Passover. It’s way cool. Also celebrated Easter at our house and it was good times. Pastel polka dot plates, an Easter bunny, an egg hunt, and lots of food. Also, a snow storm.

OK, that has to be all for now because I’ve got to do some Bible study homework, ice my shin and commence dreading tomorrow’s run.

Leave me a comment to let me know how you’ve been!


5 Responses to “Long Time No See!”

  1. Derek Wong said

    Hey I am still training for my marathon. And it’s going well! But it takes up ridiculous amounts of my free time. As in…almost all of it.

    Anyways, at least you’re near the end! You can do it. Although that swollen shin sounds horrendous. You’re headed into your winding down portion of your training, right?

  2. denisemorris said

    Derek: I have to do 11 tonight and then 12 at some point this weekend. Then next week I will wind down, yes. Seriously, training takes a lot of time! When is your marathon?

  3. Ashley said

    Friend Denise,
    I am doing well, thank you so much for asking. But I am in agreement with you on the running thing. Why did you tempt me with promises of treats galore if I would run with you? I think your pepper sprouts will die as a retaliation.

  4. Alecia said

    Is friendsies like Newsies? If so, I have a wonderful little song we could sing. Also, I commend you on your semi victorious garden that has started to grow.

  5. julieabel said

    Hey gal! Welcome back. I started back at the blog thing too this week. Work really gets in the way of blogging. No doubt! Tell me more about the Twenge book. I would love for you to write a review here. Good luck on the running. Although I think your insane. I hate running. I can’t imagine doing it for 11 miles. Crazy girl. Catch you later.

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