March Craziness

March 19, 2009

It’s the March Times of Crazy Craziness or “March Madness” as some call it. I forgot to do brackets. Or, actually, I forgot that it might be fun to do brackets until I started watching the first game this morning. I do that every single year. I see all the teams forming and get all the bracket invites on Facebook and I’m like, “boring!” And then I see the first few games, get all excited about college basketball, and realize it’s too late to fill out a bracket. Whatever.

Minnesota is playing Texas tonight. I’m not thinking the Gophers will get too far, but they have a bright future. Their team is young and they’ve got a great coach in old Tubby. They’ll be back. Also, little North Dakota State University is in the tournament for the first time! I don’t really have any special desire to see them win, but my aunt did go there, and I have spent a lot of time in Fargo. And as my friend’s dad put it, “They’re probably the only team with five white guys as starters.” Hah! It’s true.

“Lost” was probably my least favorite of the season last night. I mean, it was fine, but nothing really happened. Kind of dull. And Christian was kind of very creepy. And Kate better stay away from Sawyer and Juliette! Also, Sawyer was a bit harsh, but I did like him telling Jack to back up off.

I felt very grown up yesterday, because I started a second savings account so that I could set aside the taxes I will owe on any freelance dollars I make this year. I’m putting away 30 percent from each check. That is a lot. You better do something useful with my money, government!

I’m thinking of hiring a hypnotist to convince me that I love running. Do we think it’ll work?

I’m reading a cute little book called The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. What a name, eh?! My roommate recommended it and I’m loving it. It’s a novel about a series of letters written back and forth right after World War II. I’m interested in that time period anyway, but it helps that the writing is really clever and funny. While reading a book with a name like that, I feel like I should be reading something more scholarly as well. I have lots of options — many of them in the basement, where I put all of my stuff when I had to move out of my cubicle — but I just don’t wanna. I wanna read about potato peel pies.

Our little tomato and pepper seeds are planted and sitting by the south window. We’re keeping them watered and hoping that the sunlight keeps them warmer than the 42 degrees that the rest of the house is at. I hope they grow!

I got a letter from my Compassion child yesterday! She lives in Ecuador. Sometimes I write to her in Spanish — poor translators. They probably have to try to figure out what I’m saying and then re-write it.

OK, I’ve got to be out. Go, Gophers, go!


6 Responses to “March Craziness”

  1. Becky said

    I’ve heard of that book! It’s on my list.
    And yay for your Compassion kiddo!

  2. Alecia said

    M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, Yeah Minnesota! Spelling out ND would take too long so I’m just going to point out that this is probably the one and only time in my life that I will be cheering on the Bison. Don’t tell any of my fellow Sioux fans. They might break my legs.

  3. Ashley said

    Guess who publishes that book? We do . . . or least SOME division of Randomhouse. It’s one of my 5 free books that I get to choose this week. Hooray! Congratulations on being all savey and stuff. 30 percent is a lot of $. Is that why you call yourself D$?

  4. denisemorris said

    I’m not sure that I have once ever called myself “D$.” You certainly have, though.

  5. Micah said

    UNTRUE!! I seem to recall you writing “D$” on a gallon of milk while at the ‘Tute. Also, stop spoiling Lost. Spoiler. And finally, don’t forget to put your trash out tonight.

  6. Micah said

    Write something. Please.

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