A Garden of Victory

March 2, 2009

Hi Friendsies,

I know it’s been ages — forgiveness, please!

So I was at home in Minnesota on an AXiS trip for awhile. And guess who got left behind in the frozen tundra? Spiff City, my wonderful green computer! He was all packed up and ready to go and I just left him sitting there, lonely and afraid. I am lucky that my mom’s cats didn’t tear him to shreds. So, since I was back in Colorado, my mom was in charge of sending me my computer, via UPS. First of all, my mom lives in northern Minnesota. There are lots of trees, lots of deer, and very few people. This means that the UPS office in the nearby town is only open from 3-5 p.m. You know, normal business hours…

So, anyway, my mom was able to get there during the narrow hours of operation. She insured the computer and paid extra to make sure it would arrive on Friday. So I tried to stay around the house on Friday. But I had plans at seven — I mean, it’s Friday night, people. You know me and all my crazy partying. So anyway, I arrive back home Friday night and there is Spiff City on the doorstep! In plain sight of all the neighbors! Just waiting to be stolen! I’m having deja vu! Anyway, the drama is over and Spiffy is back.

In other news, my roommates and I are going to plant a victory garden! You know, to support the war or peace or the troops or victory or something. We were getting all nostalgic for the forties (no idea why, since we were all about forty years from being born during that time period) and decided it would be a great idea to grow some fruits and vegetables in support of all things victorious! So, Jaci and I went to Target and scoped out the gardening supplies. Luckily I already have some hot galoshes I can wear in the garden. We bought tomatoes, sweet corn, cantaloupe, carrots, peppers, peas, watermelon, lettuce and herbs. Then we got home and realized we can’t plant any of these until the last chance of frost has passed. That’s late April or May in Colorado. Boo. So, we’re very excited about the victory garden at the moment — we’ll see if that enthusiasm will last for a couple months.

Anyhoo, that’s today’s update. I ran six miles yesterday, and surprisingly, my legs have not yet fallen off. I should probably rest them today, though, don’t you think? Yes, I should probably rest and eat lots of chocolate. Good advice.

Sees ya!


8 Responses to “A Garden of Victory”

  1. Alecia said

    1. I can’t wait to have some peas from your garden.
    2. I can’t wait to see you wear your hot galoshes while you pick those peas.

  2. Mike said

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  3. Jaci said

    Oh, I think our enthusiasm will last. At least until it’s time to actually go outside and work in our victory garden.

  4. Derek Wong said

    Haha I must say that I would guess that Jaci is right. Hopefully I’m wrong, though.

    6 miles! At what pace did you run? Good job!

  5. denisemorris said

    Derek: It was about 45 minute miles. Ok, maybe not that bad, but close enough. How is your marathon training going?

  6. Suzanne said

    Wow! You have the most theft-proof green computer of all time!

  7. Suzanne said

    Also, are you training? I just ran 6 miles on Sunday. Maybe we could run together, eh? In Canada, eh? Or just in Cottonwood Park, eh?

  8. Derek Wong said

    My marathon training is not too bad, I must say. Well, I’m a little bit behind if I’m following Runner’s World’s Rookie Marathon Guide. The hardest part is finding the time to run! So in that department, chalk one up for the unemployed. 😛

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