That Loving Feeling

February 11, 2009

So, the day of red, pink, hearts and love is on Saturday. Which is why I must share this with you:

He’s blind, but guess what? So is love!

Happy Balumtine’th Day!


5 Responses to “That Loving Feeling”

  1. Micah said

    Ummmm…is that a Razorback helmet behind him?!? Does Mr. Dave hail from my homeland?????

  2. Suzanne said

    I cannot WAIT for Balumtine’th Day!

  3. Micah said

    Also, I gave you an award. It’s on my blog. Have a looksee.

  4. denisemorris said

    An award?! I love it! Also, I will accept my cash prize at any time.

  5. Micah said

    There are no cash prizes. And also, Feb. 11, the date this post was made, was TWO WEEKS ago! I need some wisdom and funny quotes from you punki.

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