Man, I’m Interesting!

February 10, 2009

Well, look who it is. Glad you came to visit. You won’t be disappointed. Actually, you might be. But that’s life, right? Lesson of the day.

Anyway, everyone over on Facebook is being all ego-maniacal and posting 25 things we never needed to or cared to know about them. USA Today is reporting on it and everything. That Facebook and its crazy ways. I once wrote an article, “Looking Narcissism in the Face(book),” about the whole social networking phenomenon. It gives us good reason to be in love with ourselves — which most of us are really good at.

Speaking of which, I just happened to stumble across this random list of fascinating facts about little old me. There are even 25 of them — crazy coincidence! I mean, since I found it and all, I guess I’ll share them with you:

1. My first day of public school was when I was 14. Until then, I was homeschooled along with my brother. It was awesome — we learned at our own pace, did our work in our pajamas, and I was usually finished with my school day before most of you suckers got to eat lunch.

2. Although I’m from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, I’ve only gone water skiing a couple of times and I’m pretty horrible at it.

3. Once upon a time ago, I ran a half marathon. It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, mainly because I hate running and find that breathing is nearly impossible when I’m doing it.  But I ran all 13.1 miles even though I never thought I could. And I just may do another one this spring.

4. When I was young, I kind of wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder and live in a homestead on the prairie without electricity. My grandma made me a pioneer outfit, complete with a bonnet. I once made my family spend the entire evening by candlelight. I also had a real-life hoop skirt. I would knock over lots of things in our house as I swooped through the halls.

5. I studied in Spain for about five months when I was in college. You’d think I would’ve learned some Spanish.

6. I love red accessories (shoes, earrings, belts, coats), but rarely like red shirts or dresses on myself.

7. We never had any pets when I was young. Except for a stray cat named Mary. We kept her for one day — then we took her to the vet and found out she had fleas. No one was willing to put the flea-killing powder around her mouth, so we kicked Mary out and scoured the house from top to bottom. (If you take issue with this, please direct your indignant comments toward my mother who once hated animals, but now apparently loves cats with all of her heart and soul. She even had return address labels with kittens on them. Sickening.)

8. Although we didn’t have pets when I was young, my cousins did take in a stray black lab. At my suggestion, they named the dog Toby. My dad later got a cat, and at my prodding, he named the cat Toby.

9. On an unrelated note, I may have the tiniest of secret crushes on TobyMac.

10. On a related note, dc talk was my favorite band growing up. I loved them. But before I loved them, someone invited me to go to a dc talk concert. I barely knew who they were, and also I was on a country music kick at the time. I ended up going to the concert — in a jean skirt and cowboy boots. The shame still haunts me.

11. I love salty snacks. I will almost always choose chips over cookies.

12.My most recent passion is learning about Jewish culture during the time of Jesus. It helps me understand much more about who Jesus was and what He was saying. I’ve tried to start implementing some of what I’ve learned — I’ve even done a Seder for Passover at my house the past few years.

13. I often wish I had a cool talent like singing or drawing or photography. Instead, I am mainly talented at eating and napping.

14. When I was 12, I won a writing contest for American Girl Magazine. My story, “It Just Has to Be a Girl,” was picked from more than 2,000 entries. They illustrated it and published it in their July issue. I won a watch and some pins. Not an American Girl doll. I am still bitter.

15. I worked at least a few weeks at camp every summer from age 12 all the way through college. I’ve worked in the kitchen, as a counselor, lead counselor, lifeguard, activities director, Leaders in Training supervisor, etc. I loved pretty much every minute of camp ministry.

16. I grew up on the ghetto in North Minneapolis.

17. One of my favorite books is Catcher in the Rye. It’s a pretty depressing book, but I love the way it’s written. When reading books, I’m often much more attracted to writing style than the actual content.

18. My closet is almost always a mess.

19. Target is my favorite store in the world. When I’m there I feel at peace.

20. I could become a vegetarian pretty easily. I can only eat meat if it’s prepared the right way and is thin enough. I hate eggs and milk too. The only thing that keeps me from being a vegan is my love of all things cheese.

21. My mom passed on her love of Fiesta Dinnerware to me. I love having dishes in lots of bright colors.

22. I really like the idea of journaling, but I hardly ever do it.

23. The most rebellious thing I did as a child was read by the light of the bathroom after I was supposed to be sleeping. Homeschooled kids are boring.

24. I am terribly frightened of bats. And rats. And mice. And pretty much all rodents.

25. I’m awesome.

That’s all I got, peeps. Actually, I’m sure I have plenty more, but let me at least pretend that I have my narcissism in check…


10 Responses to “Man, I’m Interesting!”

  1. Micah said

    This entire list cracked me up…the bonnet, the cat with fleas, your eating/napping talent, and your sad little American Girl prize.

  2. micah said

    is the 25 random things exercise necessarily narcissistic?

    I’ve received this note about 4 times from people and never got that impression.

    or is it that identifying these notes as narcissistic is itself narcissistic? caught you didn’t I?

  3. Bonnie said

    As a psychologist I do not find the 25 things narcissistic. I love learning things about people that I did not know. I also like what people pull out of their psyches to share. (Your dad would likely take offense to “the ghetto” comment.He thinks he lives in Edina…excpet for the gun shots here and there. bon

  4. Derek Wong said

    I did a half marathon in October. And I’m doing a full marathon!

    Very amusing list.

  5. denisemorris said

    Bonnie: Ahahahahh! You’re so right about Dad.

    Derek: That’s so awesome. Let me know how it goes. All I could think when I finished my half marathon was that if I was doing a full one I would only be half done right now. There is no way ever. But I’m sure you’ll do awesome. 🙂

  6. Jill said

    Here’s the thing with kittens: they are vewy cute, & they don’t ever bring up with bitterness their lack of an American Girl doll. They even eat out of special cat fiestware bowls. They are not very good writers, though. You do have that over on them.

  7. annie said

    when you have kids, you can combine your love of homeschooling and laura ingalls wilder in the “Prairie Primer.” It is a curriculum that includes writing, penmanship, reading, and history— all relating to the Little House on the Prairie books. totally the highlight of 5th grade for me.

  8. Martha said

    One of these days you’ve got to visit Sleepy Eye with me, and I can show you the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historical Highway that runs straight through the whole town. It is a site to see! 🙂

  9. Lydia said

    So I know this is a delayed comment, but I have to say, I totally remember that story you got published! It was a good one! And…I too was obsessed with Laura Ingalls wilder. I actually dropped my care bear in plum creek (my mom had to fish him out) while Laura Ingalls Wilder Days were taking place (yes they actually took place (don’t know if they still do)). Anywho, also, I remember a time in your house in the ghetto that I believe your mom killed a bat with a tennis racket. And then there was that time at Northwestern College when the mouse came running out in the game room and you jumped up on the pool table screaming. Ah the memories….Good times.

  10. denisemorris said

    Lydia: Ahahahahhaha!!! Good memories, although I’ve totally forgotten about the mouse at NW college!! Was that the night we visited? That is so awesome. Love it. My mom did have to kill a bat with a tennis racket — totally.

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