Facing Reality

February 6, 2009

This week I went on a trip with AXiS, a group dedicated to moving students from apathy to action. We did a presentation about big ideas and chatted with college students about some deep questions. We talked about how ideas rule the world, and how these ideas have consequences — some good, some bad. It’s a really great presentation and gets students thinking.

My part of the presentation included talking about the amount of money we spend per year on sports (about 20 billion) versus how much is spent worldwide per year on pornography (about 45 billion). Insane.

I also got to talk about illusion versus reality. Oftentimes, I think it’s easy for us to misunderstand what’s “really real.” Take beauty, for example. Our culture has told us what beauty is — and oftentimes, what we hold up as our standard of beauty does not actually exist. It’s obvious that what we see on the billboards has been tweaked and changed until it meets our standard of beauty. A woman like the final product in this video doesn’t exist — she’s an illusion:

Anyway, it’s interesting. The AXiS presentation is super cool. If you have any connections to high schools or colleges, you should definitely contact them about coming to talk to students. It’ll get them thinking about life’s big questions and ideas.

Speaking of big ideas, one of our Korean friends on Lost may not be quite as dead as we had originally thought! Best. Show. Ever.

Also, it’s the weekend! I am going to attempt to see a movie, go for a long run, sleep late and read. Guess which three of the four are most likely to be accomplished.

Alright, I gots to go. I hope you have a great weekend!


10 Responses to “Facing Reality”

  1. alison said

    this is so true about beauty, how often do we look at these pictures in magazines and automatically think that that’s how we should define beauty. It’s so easy to let the media affect us in that way, it’s so important to take our thoughts captive daily

  2. Micah said

    I love it when people aren’t as dead as I’d originally thought. Elvis, for example.

  3. Derek Wong said

    Looks like an interesting presentation. That is a crazy statistic about sports and pornography spending. I wrote a tangentially related post here about us compared to athletes’ salaries. So basically:

    our money <<< money in sports <<< money in pornography


  4. Jaci said

    Micah, if you love it when people aren’t dead as you originally thought, you would absolutely LOVE Lost. Happens all the time.

  5. laura said

    For some reason when I read this, all I could think was, “oh, Denise changed her blog name to “facing reality” that’s nice. I don’t know if it makes me want to throw money at her, but then again, I don’t have a lot of money.”

  6. julieabel said

    Knew Jin was not dead. Knew it. Knew it.

  7. Jill Anttila said

    So even I could be good looking? Is that what you’re saying. Er, no?

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