Zombies Need Community Too

February 2, 2009

It’s a new week and I have just done some strength training. With weights. I figured I should get this post done today, since I will not be able to move my arms or do any typing by tomorrow.

Well, that football game was on yesterday. Now it’s over. Kind of sad, since football is probably the sport I watch the most. But now I can look forward to March Madness, especially since the old Minnesota Gophers are doing so well this year! Want to know how to cheer for the Gophers? Learn how to spell. Seriously — our one and only cheer goes like this: M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A. Minnesota! Minnesota! Yay, Gophers! Look:

Scandanavians aren’t all that creative. We find something simple and stick with it.

The bf and I watched I Am Legend this weekend. Freaked me the freak out. Such an odd movie. Do you guys know the premise? If you don’t, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say that there are some zombie-ish kinds of things going on. But it’s so much more than a horror film — it’s quite poignant at points. I mean, poor Will Smith is living all by himself and hasn’t seen another real person in more than three years. He talks to his dog. And mannequins. It’s really sad sometimes, and makes you think about the human condition and our need for community. We’re not meant to be alone. But you can’t dwell on that thought-provoking stuff for long because then the zombies show up to kill him, and you forget about our need for one another and start covering your eyes instead.

Also, Jason Mraz was on Saturday Night Live singing one of my fav songs! I couldn’t find it on the You Tubes for you — NBC is all stingy with its copyrights and stuff, but I did find a similar live performance on David Letterman, so you should watch it. Also, what is with Jason Mraz and all of his mouth and eye movements? Kind of freaky. Maybe he’s secretly an I Am Legend zombie?

So, I’m reading a few books right now, including la Biblia, Sex God, Faith Undone (so there, Mom) and The Sea Runners. I need some more good fiction, though. Anyone have any novels that you love and that I should read? Let me know.

One more thing: The Office cracked me up last night. Except the part with the Jack Black movie — I thought that seemed forced. But the “fire” and such — killed me. “Stanley, Barack is president! You’re black!” Ah, Michael Scott. He always has something useful to say.

K, tell me which books I should read!


8 Responses to “Zombies Need Community Too”

  1. Josh Taber said

    You’re a MN fan? Alright! I’m so looking forward to College B-ball.

  2. matthewhjohn said

    Finish Sea Runner first. Then I will tell you.

  3. cboog1 said

    Oo Oo Oo! I love suggesting books! I recently read Red River, by Lalita Tademy. Its an historical fiction novel that’s loosely based on her family. I also recently read Run Man Run by Chester Himes. Its a crime fiction novel that was written in the sixties, and it was pretty durn good. Umm…let’s see, Rhythms by Donna Hills is also a great book!

    This must have been the weekend for watching I Am Legend cause my brother watched it yesterday.

    And Gophers? Seriously?

  4. Alecia said

    Uh, I know how to spell Minnesota but that doesn’t mean I like to cheer for those silly Gophers. I am so pleased that you put up a video for those that may be spelling challenged though.

  5. Alecia said

    Oh, and is that the Sioux/Gophers game? Go Sioux! That’s spelt S-I-O-U-X.

  6. Lauren said

    I HIGHLY recommend Inkheart. It’s a great book. You might have heard about the movie but don’t let that deter you from reading the book. The book is SO much better.

    The Thornbirds is also a great book but it is much longer. The Thornbirds is more like real life fiction while Inkheart is more fantasy. So whatever kind of fiction you prefer!

  7. Eva Joy said

    My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

  8. LeAna said

    Jason Mraz is a crack head…but I love him.

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