Stars and Stripes and Giant Bows Forever

January 21, 2009

Well, I haven’t blogged at all this week, but I have a good excuse. I’ve been busy being a patriot!

On Monday, I celebrated MLK Jr. day by … going skiing. You know, with all the other black people who love to ski. It was like 45 degrees at Winter Park, people! The weather was awesome. Also, I almost died as I tried to navigate my way down a mogul run. Also, “navigate” is a strong word. It was more like “stumble/trip/wobble.”

And then yesterday I had to watch all of the inauguration festivities! I felt all patriotic and proud of America.  We’ve come a long way, and I personally know people who never thought they’d see a black man elected president in their lifetime. And whatever you think of Obama, I really do feel blessed to live in a country where our leaders transfer power in a peaceful manner. Every living president was at the ceremony — they all shook hands and chatted. There was no uprising or rebellion or shedding of blood. This is how America works, and that is cool. We have freedom here. Aretha had the right to wear an 18-foot glittering bow on her head. That one lady had the liberty to recite that boring poem. This is what America is all about! And maybe some other things, too.

I was happy Rick Warren mentioned Jesus and even said His Jewish name! I love Jewish things — I haven’t talked about that much on this blog yet, but it’s true. Shalom.

I went running today in 60-degree weather! It is still January, people. What the heck?! I am loving it, though. This is why I can’t move back to Minnesota. 24 degrees or 67? I think we all know the correct answer here.

Finally, I get to see my friends from Lost tonight. They have got to go back to the island! If they don’t, Jack may never shave that horrible beard he has going. And that would be a tragedy.

OK, I’ve got to be going. Here are some parting questions: Did you watch all of the inauguration events? What did you think and feel about the first lady’s outfits this historic moment?


7 Responses to “Stars and Stripes and Giant Bows Forever”

  1. Suzanne said

    Denise! You crack me up! Aretha’s hat was certainly a wonder to behold. 🙂 Want to go running sometime?

  2. denisemorris said

    I never want to go running. But yes, we should go sometime!

  3. Frank Martens said

    Minnesota is like… hell frozen over.

    Ok well maybe that’s a bit drastic, because I still love Minnesota… for two months out of the year.

    But then Phoenix isn’t all that much better… except that I love it for 10 months out of the year. Hah!

  4. julieabel said

    Michelle Obama looked stunning. Period. She pulled off that yellow suite like it was nobody’s business. And oh yeah, Laura Bush is the classiest lady alive.

  5. LeAna said

    Oh gosh. Your blog always makes me laugh out loud.

    And ummm *I* was at Winterpark on Monday too! I like how I say that as if it’s like we were the only two people there and still managed to miss each other. Probably about 87 other people I knew were also there. BUT. Still. Shame we didn’t run in to each other. (Figuratively, of course….)

    I don’t do moguls, so that’s probably why. I.hate.them. I really hope you weren’t one of the many perturbed-looking mogul-attempting people that my friends and I laughed at from the ski lift. But seriously, almost every person you see on a mogul run does not look happy.

  6. Ruthie said

    ok, so I wandered this way from Suzanne’s blog. 🙂 but I had to say… did you live in Minnesota/ move to FL? Because I did the opposite and am currently residing in the arctic wasteland of Minnesota although FL is home.

  7. denisemorris said


    We totally should’ve been buddies at Winter Park. I made sure the mogul run was not under the lift. That is too embarrassing.

    Ruthie, I moved from Minnesota out to Colorado. Where in Minnesota are you living?

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