Best Gift Ever

January 7, 2009


I didn’t have much time to blog today because I was busy being a worker bee. (Being a worker bee when you are unemployed involves searching for non-existent jobs in the Internets, working on self control by limiting Facebook time, and taking frequent naps.) However, my friend Ashley stopped by this afternoon and gave me the best treat ever in the history of the world, and I have to share it with you.

We took a video so you could see the greatness. Unfortunately, my technical skills have not advanced beyond the 1930s, so I was unable to get the video from my camera to my computer in a file format that WordPress was willing to accept. (Anyone know how I can change file types?) This caused me to have to sign up for the YouTubes so I could “broadcast myself” to the world. Not something I necessarily wanted to do, but hey, I’ll do what it takes for you, baby.

Anyway, here is the video of my greatest gift ever. Please keep in mind that we filmed this on the spot, so there was no time to find good lighting, work on my horrendous dancing skills, teach me not to role my eyes back in my head, fix my makeup, change my clothes, brush my hair or lose twenty pounds. So, just try to ignore all that and just enjoy the sweet goodness of my favorite new present!

You do not even know how excited I was to receive this gift. I screamed. Out loud. Because of a toothbrush. That plays a TobyMac song. In conclusion, props to Ashley.

K, gotta go. I’ve got hours of teeth-brushing to do.


16 Responses to “Best Gift Ever”

  1. Micah said

    I’m so very sad that I’m your friend right now. I hope people on the interwebs don’t actually see that video.

  2. miah said

    what song? and that is the weirdest thing I have ever seen (or heard).

  3. Ashley M said

    Totally have that toothbrush. I agree. It is pure awesomeness.

  4. matthewhjohn said

    I’m embarrassed for you.

  5. miah said

    Whoah, four straight minutes for responses

  6. miah said

    I broke the streak

  7. Lydia said

    Oh how I miss you and all the fun things you do! =) That is an amazing toothbrush!

  8. Jaci said

    I absolutely cannot wait until you come home tonight and brush your teeth!

  9. Jill Anttila said

    Does your mother know about this? She would be embarassed.

  10. Suzanne said

    That is SO funny! Thanks for posting it.

  11. Alecia said

    I love it! I hope one billion people see it!

  12. Becky said

    COOL!!!!! Where can I get one of those? Seriously?

    I am always trying to come up with unique presents for my sister who is the QUEEN of unique gifts. I need one of those.

  13. denisemorris said

    Ashley got it at Wal-Mart!

  14. sonyawittleder said

    Wow! You are so popular! You’ve only had your blog for a few short months and look at all of your supporters! Can I have some tips on your coolness so people will comment like that on mine? (Besides brushing my teeth on the world wide web?)

  15. […] 8, 2009 So here’s something I’ve discovered: I do not normally brush my teeth for two whole minutes. It feels like that song is never going to end, people! Seriously — it makes me feel kind of […]

  16. Phil said

    I have no words… but that toothbrush does!

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