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January 5, 2009

Long-lost friends!!!!

How are you? How were your Christmas times and New Jears Eves? What gifts did you get for Jesus’ birthday? How is January treating you so far? We have so much to catch up on!

First, let me apologize for not blogging in so long. Actually, my parents should apologize. They’re the ones with the Interwebs connections from the 1940s. I can read a book, paint my nails, watch a movie and run for president in the time it takes my Facebook page to load on my dad’s computer. It was torturous. Blogging would have been a never-ending process, often interrupted when a phone call came through the dial-up Internet service. I can’t talk about this anymore. It makes my heart sad.

Guess who’s typing this blog post on her brand new, spiffy, green computer?! That’s right. Dell decided to go ahead and deliver it a mere seven years and fourteen months after I ordered it. But it finally came. While I was at home in Minnesota. And the delivery guy left it out on the doorstep. Outside. In full view of neighborhood thieves. The box says “brand new expensive computer for you to steal” all over it, and the guy just left it on the doorstep, while my roommates and I are all gone for the week! I was indignant. Luckily, our friend Maria promised to stop by and pick up the mail and feed little Ezekiel, so she rescued it from doorstep computer thieves. Now it is safe and sound on my lap.

OK, I really need a job. I’m thinking maybe I should do something part-time at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. I considered Target, but since that is my favorite store, I don’t think I want it to become tainted with the feel of work. It would ruin the calm feeling that comes over me when I step inside the door under that lovely, red bulls-eye. So, maybe not my precious Target. Where would you suggest? 

Oh yes, back to Christmas. I was in Minnesota where only crazy people who like to lose fingers from frostbite live. Seriously, it was so cold. Colorado has made me wussy. I can’t handle the sub-zero temps anymore. I just can’t do it! When being outside is uncomfortable because it hurts to breathe the icy air, I think we have a problem. But I did get to go snowmobiling. And I got to see good old Minneapolis. And Northwest Airlines actually got me to my destination on time — it was a Christmas miracle!

It was nice to see my parents. I really do miss them — I get along with both of them and enjoy their company. My dad and I like to talk politics and my mom and I like to shop and eat. It’s a perfect combo. Unfortunately, I have refused to move back to the frozen tundra, so they’re going to have to come to Colorado. I’ve told them to get a move on.

Ok, this was just a quick update to get back into the swing of things. Look forward to my next post, in which I plan to post some exciting pictures of my computer and my fish! In the meantime, leave me a comment and let me know how your Christmas was!


10 Responses to “Back to the Blog!”

  1. laura said

    Your job should be that you post a company’s logo really big on your blog, and then they pay you a lot of money for each person who might see it.
    It’s brilliant.
    That, or, Starbucks is a fun job. And they will give you benefits.

  2. Derek Wong said

    Talk about spoiled. I live in southern CA, and I was pretty freezing cold when we went on a retreat. Was it sub-zero? Nope, it was probably around 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I always thought it was ridiculous how delivery people would leave obviously expensive packages on doorsteps. How many of them get stolen?? The people want to know.

    Hey, maybe you can just become a door step thief detective. That would solve your job problem as well as the door step stealing one. Perfect!

  3. matthewhjohn said

    It sure does take a long time for a Facebook page to load on your dad’s computer! I mean, you couldn’t run for president until you’re 35. Clearly, Charles needs broadband.

  4. Bonnie said

    Denise, your dad is hopeless…the only reason he has a cell-phone is because I put him on my plan. Next time when you have down time come and stay at my house with high-speed comcast! LU Bonnie

  5. denisemorris said

    Derek — please research the rate of stolen packages and get back to me. I will get to work on creating a name for my new detective agency.

    Laura — This is an excellent plan. I will contact some major corporations and pitch the idea.

    Matthew — Perhaps by the time I’m president Charles will consider broadband.

    Bonnie — he is hopeless. I’m staying with you next time. 🙂

  6. Suzanne said

    I missed your posts while you were gone! I definitely think you’re on the right track with the not-working-at-Target thing. The shoppers seem infinitely more happy than the workers. Of course, you could maybe work at the Starbucks INSIDE the Target. I actually have an idea for you….

  7. Derek Wong said

    I’m sure that you thought that I wouldn’t actually do it, but here is an article about your first suspect: Too bad she’s in California, not Colorado. And another:

    Good luck with that and let us know what the name of your agency is called.

  8. denisemorris said

    Derek, this is obviously a problem that neesd to be solved! Luckily, I am on it. When I was about seven, my cousins and I started an agency called Tec Care Inc. We never had any cases, but now we do! I will call everyone and see when they can fly out to Colorado for a debrief.

  9. Marlene Tapia Velazquez said

    Hi Denise! I love reading your blog! It is so funny to me how Colorado has made you a wussy, and my time in Colorado was the coldest I have ever been! Haha, in CA (at least the Central Coast) we all cry (the couple of days) when it drops to 34 degrees (in the morning) and we have to scrape frost off our windows (with an ATM card!).

  10. […] on the doorstep! In plain sight of all the neighbors! Just waiting to be stolen! I’m having deja vu! Anyway, the drama is over and Spiffy is […]

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