A Chili’s Christmas

December 20, 2008

It is almost Christmas, friends! For me, the holiday is starting on Sunday as I head back to the frozen tundra of Minnesota. My mom told me that it was a breezy -25 yesterday, so I have that to look forward to. Should be a delight.

So, my friends and I have an annual Christmas tradition — we go to Chili’s for dinner and open gifts. That’s right, Chili’s. It’s a bit sad, we know. But it’s a tradition, so we can’t escape it. Also, we’ve got to get our queso on. I got some sweet gifts — new ski goggles, a monogrammed blanket, a cupcake holder, a gift certificate to my fav restaurant. Great gifts all around. I got my friends the tiniest of all little bitty gifts, since I have no job and all.

Speaking of which, I still do not have a job. You should help me find one. I am willing to do a variety of work, as long as I get paid. These tasks include: writing, editing, giving awesome lessons and skiing. So, let me know what jobs you have lying around. Come on — it’s Christmas!

Also, as I just mentioned a few words ago, I am giving small gifts this year. But I couldn’t leave you, the reader, out of the Christmas goodness. So, I made caramel corn and I am sending some to each of you! Just give me your address and twenty bucks. Or, you can just enjoy this little Christmas treat:

Whelp, I’ve got some packing to do. What are you doing for Christmas? Heading home, staying in town, coming to visit me? Let me know.


3 Responses to “A Chili’s Christmas”

  1. Jill Anttila said

    As far as turtlenecks go, Dave’s is one of the most festive that I’ve ever seen.

  2. Welcome back to Minnesota, for a real “CHILLY” Christmas!

  3. Anonymous said

    Update your blog!

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